Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Same old complaint!

Every year I get caught up in the depths and lengths of our Chicago winters. Every year I long for spring. Every year I long for spring. Every year I long for spring. Every year I long for spring........but in Chicago there is no spring!!!

Saturday, MAY 7th and Julia needed a thermal long sleeved shirt under her jersey!! See her BFF/Cousin watching on....in her North Face and Uggs!?!?

Aunt Anne Marie and cousins joined us in the stands that day to
cheer for Julia [and her team]...Mari kind of sums up how 
we all felt!! One simply should not be regretting having
left the mittens and scarves home in MAY!!!

Proof of our true love for each other!! 
Frozen to the bone and an ailing back are no excuses for
a Mom when her anxious, about to pitch her first ever inning,
daughter asks for help to warm up her arm.
[..and yes my AP readers- at 13 years old, Mari still
likes to be within arms reach if at all possible!!]

Coach......or team Mom?!?!? 
Wonder what the teams that have men as coaches do 
since during our last game we had two time-outs for
shoe tying and two for visor/pony tail issues?

It is MAY but Andrew is just fine with cold and ice!
[blog break to brag that this is him in his first game as a member 
of his high school's team...even though he has 
3 more weeks of 8th grade!]

Alyssa, on the other hand, would love some warm sunny days! She has dutifully worked as a volunteer at a therapy riding center EVERY Saturday for over a year now and has earned the reward of a FREE hour of riding at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure the horses would rather some warm SPRING weather as well!

Soooooooo Chicago being Chicago means that summer pretty much starts today! We are going to be in the mid-eighties just three days after having what I hope is our last frost warning! I'd move to Florida but they don't seem to get spring either...just summer year round! Then again....when you seem to get winter year round....is 365 summer such a bad thing???


  1. So true...this spring(or lack of it) seems to be worse than any I can remember! It is going to be in the 80's...so they say...today but right now(12:30pm) it's only in the high 60's! Perfect weather for yard work however...enjoy the heat the next few days...

  2. what a sports-minded family ! it was hot hot here today, and I'm not sure I'm ready for the heat.

  3. we haven't really had spring either, either freakin cold, then a few spring days thrown in. Not hot like you guys are getting. Maya gave up she wears shorts and a tank top, I'm still wearing a jacket and pants, althougth it was capri's and a t-shrit yesterday, YAY!