Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sun & Sunflowers!


Julia finally got to play in her first ever softball game! Game after game has been canceled due to rain and she was beginning to despair of ever breaking in her new uniform. This morning dawned sunny. Windy and brisk but sunny. Her game was scheduled for 6 pm. Promptly at 3 pm...the clouds rolled back in and a drop or two was felt. But praise be, the occasional droplet was all the clouds could muster and the game was played!

One very happy girl was tucked into bed tonight (-:
She hit a double...
nearly had a double play...
and took a slide into third that was quite the crowd pleaser!!
Tomorrow is the team picture day...
I will delightedly be up tonight washing the mud streaked uniform.

Now, a new font to denote a new topic...

Hmmmm, herbal sachets you ask?? The unrelenting gloom of our sunless spring has taken an emotional toll. May 1st has been a small beacon of light on our calendar.

We've been busy making our seed 'bombs'. A bit of potting soil and a couple of seeds on a tissue paper square tied with a bit of twine and we are armed and ready. Remember why yet?

We are setting out to brighten the summer vistas 
with these happiness inducing blooms.
Vistas not usually pleasing to the eye.
Our hope filled souls will soar
with each seed 'bomb' tossed tomorrow
Winter is finally being batted back by a tender spring,
our weather weary hearts await a sunflower filled summer!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chasing our Tails!

Periodically our family falls into a cycle of just moving from obligation to obligation hoping to hang on until the end of the ride. Now would be one of those cycles! Since one of my New Year's resolutions is to be a more reliable blogger, I am trying to stay on top of my photo documentation. It's just the publishing that is running behind this train. So, here in a very un-prosaic manner is the rest of our holiday weekend photographs. Unedited is anyway. Just thrown up on this bulletin board for all to see how my beauties are growing!

 We have this 'tradition'...a picture taken on
Holy Saturday evening posed with the basket of dyed eggs.
I guess I'm glad the days of pouting and crying for pictures has passed...
but now we are in the silly stage!

The "pretend you are listening to Mom" stage even as you bounce around!

The "Mom gives up" and just takes a boring old pose phase.

 The 'traditional' basket now filled with candy shot....
not taken a bit seriously!

 The "I want sunglasses" pose.

The "you want us to stand WHERE?" pose.

 Back to the sillies.....

 The "okay, I'll be good for a minute" pose.

 The "if my sister was good then so will I" pose.

 The "I still want sunglasses and NO I won't hold hands" pose.

 The "how's this for stunning" pose!!

 The "we can do flowers" pose!

 The "just one more piece and then we'll smile" pose.

The "let's be cheesy' pose that Mom turned into....

"quick zoom and catch the shot" pose!

We had a lovely day with family but those pictures would be on Auntie Peggy's camera...
and YES, Julia asked for me to buy that dress...
and YES, she WANTED to wear that dress for Easter services!!
Maybe, oh maybe the tomboy stage is subsiding?? Not influencing any decisions on her choices ... except
I did buy the dress on the spot the MINUTE she asked me so maybe she has an inkling of how
happy I am to see the 'inner girl' peeking out from under the t-shirts and jeans??

Saturday, April 23, 2011


All I'm saying is it has been this kind of a FFF picture shoot was on Thursday and I'm posting them on Saturday.
Get the picture?

Reading the directions before the clamoring crowds
were assembled would have
probably been a better option!

One of the only times of the year my bottle of white vinegar gets pulled from the pantry.

Imagine that little party colored cups can hold so much interest?!?

Well, interest is a matter of degree....when you are a teen
who is not quite ready to let go of a childhood tradition.

Or a teen with a sweet tooth? Mari dyed a whopping ONE egg!?!?!

While cousin Daniel held his attention long enough to do a whole TWO eggs 
which is a HUGE accomplishment for him!

Was not really into the photographer mindset this evening but liked how this shot turned out.

Deirdre's creative juices were flowing and she made several artistic eggs....

one of which Auntie Peggy dropped!!! 

Mairead came late due to the fact that she was an altar server at Holy Thursday services
but we saved eggs for her to color!

The conversation was a colorful as the eggs and it
continued over a game of Clue...
and over the first night of an impromptu sleep over
at the Mahony house...
and the SECOND night of the sleep over marathon!

But since the challenge is to post a Favorite Foto here is my choice..

My sweet Julia with her 'Love' egg.

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Friday, April 15, 2011


Funny thing about this growing business....

my Shamrocks planted WEEKS before St. Patrick's day...remember?

Well they finally decided to fill out and look like Shamrocks last week...too slow for sharing on the holiday ):

But here are our Zucchini seedlings waiting for our midwest weather to settle down into a proper spring so they can be transplanted out into the family garden.

So sometimes it is the seed that goes slow,
and sometimes it is the weather that goes slow,
but somehow this .....

has moved to this...

at warp speed!!!

And this....

flew to this...

at the speed of light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Mom handed down a saying when she would take note of our rate of growth,
"I want to put a brick on top of your head so you will stop growing!", said with a deep, exaggerated sigh.
I took to using it as well!
Unlike my generation that would groan and walk off...
my daughters and their cousins just grin and say,
"You can't stop God's power!"

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lament of an Adoptive Mom

Oh magnificent, world-renown, chair of your mega-university department,  multiple doctorate neurologist may I kindly suggest that the next time your intake nurse hands you a new patient chart that you actually take a few moments to review it's contents?? I know your day is packed from dawn to dusk...I waited weeks to get this appointment...but a brief scan of a file surely wouldn't be too much to ask, right?

And even if it has been a day that has spun out of control and your schedule has been turned on it's ear leaving no time to read the intake histories....could you take a deep breath and actually LOOK at the patient sitting before your eyes? Could you notice her age and maybe construct your questions to acknowledge her presence? She really could have told you her birth date and age....which were also in the chart that you did not read. She would have been happy to explain why we were sitting in your examining room. But, okay I get the wanting the adult to provide the information so I'll cut you a break on that point....but I CANNOT cut you slack on persisting on your line of predetermined questions about pre-natal, post-natal, and milestone achievements when our answer to the very FIRST in the line of questions was, "She was adopted at three years of age from Guatemala."

Several doctorate degrees and you don't get...what? The concept of adoption? The concept of a known history beginning at THREE years of age? The concept of obtaining accurate records from a third world country? I speak a fairly competent level of the English language. Did medical school teach you that by repeatedly re-framing and repeating the questions in a louder, more enunciated manner magically unlock the mysteries of the universe?

I am in awe of your neuroanatomical knowledge. I am impressed by the diagnostic testing you conducted. I'm pleased with the proposed treatment plan. But I seethe at your deplorable 'bedside' manner with an older, international adoptee. She is already acutely aware of the loss in her life. She is acutely aware of how 'different' she is from your other patients. No matter how or how often you ask her age at first roll or age at first sit she will NEVER know those answers! She UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH!! She can HEAR what you are saying to me. She can HEAR your questions. She can HEAR your opinions. She is a real live, walking, talking, breathing, FEELING human being who, if you had taken the time to read her chart, was adopted!  It's pretty early in the dictionary...A.D.O.P.T.E.D........maybe you can find a minute between publishing one of your many studies to read the definition? She probably won't be the last adopted patient you have in your illustrious career so for their sake, read up since you seem to have too big of an ego to listen to an earnest bit of advice offered by a lowly unaffiliated single doctorate Mom.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Consequences of Cabin Fever!

Every year it happens.  Give us just one warm day in April and we go berserk! Fresh off a week of warm Florida weather we had made a serious dent in our Vitamin D deficiencies but the depressing chemical effects still linger. So, as often happens here in Chicagoland, we go from 30 degrees to 80 in about....a day!! Eager to to shake the doldrums we rush out into the first hot day....and proceed to completely OVER DUE it!!!

Julia's softball 'career' has begun. Soccer is now a thing of the past. Time to break out the mitts and bats!!!

How very providential that the first practice fell on our first sunny and HOT day. She has quite the arm....

and you see this correctly, Julia throws righty and bats lefty. As the only left handed batter on the team, Julia garnered a bit of attention from the assistant coach and a batting coach who were pleasantly surprised to see her connect with 3 out of 5 pitches.

Mari patiently hung out at practice. She even willingly posed for a picture for the blog!

But there was an ulterior motive in her congenial nature......

There was the new 'cousin' to go visit!! Dear old Belle's 15yo frail frame finally laid down for her last time and after a week of grieving, the cousins brought Dolly J home from a local shelter.

After a nice meet and greet with the canine cousin, the sun stroked our snow weary brains and planted the seed of a thought....

What better weather to work in the garden could one hope for??

Now, the sun did not turn us into mad dogs or Englishmen...and we know better than to plant any seeds this early! But the soil could be turned...

and amended with peat, compost, and manure which we.....

raked in to the stories of the lives of pioneer women and the debates of just what we would grow this year.

When the day was done a fertile 'field' lay waiting for the rows of tomatoes and potatoes, the cucumbers and chives, the peas and beans, and the frost free weather needed to bring them to life!

When the day was done we were also WORN OUT!!

Hmmmmm, maybe Mother Nature has a method to her madness??? These cooler, rainy days that follow the first hot day might be her way to prevent us from trying to cure cabin fever ....cold turkey?!?!