Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Weekend Fun

Last year this time we were in Florida attending the Guatfest held at the Nick Hotel. They had 8 inches of rain this weekend in Orlando....while we had the most glorious Indian Summer weather one could ever hope for!!!!!!!!!!!! Kind of glad the finances kept us home this year because we got to be out in the sun and warmth all weekend. Not only out but out with the cousins!!! Just posting a random collection of the over 200 pictures we took of our Fall Break fun. I'm sure I missed a few that I meant to show but since sooooooooooo many of them turned out sooooooooo well it was hard to decide which ones to post!

Outing #1....back to our favorite orchard! In no particular order and with little commentary here goes...

 In a rare appearance is Ethan...Andrew and Alyssa's baby brother.

 The whole group with us this day.

He just had to have that perfect apple!

 Yes, Julia is now as tall as Alyssa!!

As you can clearly see we are having superb weather given that the calendar reads October (-; You never know...we might get to sneak in one more trip before you know what comes our way.

Outing #2...a photo shoot with all the cousins at a local forest preserve which features a creek with an old mill. This is the very first year EVER that all 8 of them go to a different school so we thought we get some pictures of them wearing their school hoodies or spirit wear....which for this public blog I regrettably had to obscure for their privacy. It was a bit warm for the hoodies and long sleeved shirts....

 Also in a rare appearance is Daniel, brother of Mairead and Deirdre!

 Soooooo bored waiting for the adults to plan the shot.

 Helping his baby brother down the river bank to get to the falls.

Wishing they could ditch their hoodies and go wading instead (-;

Only one more day off before we are back to the grindstone...can we only hope that this weather will last until Halloween?!?!?


  1. awesome pictures. love the group photos ! what a beautiful place that must be in Florida. We're off to the pumpkin patch today, was hoping I'd see you there but I see now you already made your second trip. one of these years we'll get together there.

  2. Hopefully our weather doens't come your way. We were nice and warm too, but then we had our first frost. Now its rainy and not nearly so nice and warm, much more like fall. Love the one getting the perfect apple, I hope it was good. Looks awesome at that orchard.

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend!!! Love all the great pictures!

  4. We still haven't managed to make it to the mountains for apple picking yet. I know we are quickly running out of time. Not sure we will make it this year. :( Looks like everyone had a good time together!