Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweet Times

I'd suggest you'd better sit down because I've actually gotten around to posting on my blog...but I'd have to assume you are probably sitting at your computer! Anyhow, we really have been living a quite full and interesting life. I just have not found my mojo for blogging to be particularly ...motivating.

 Halloween preparations are in full swing at our house! Costumes are cut and in various stages of completion in the salt mine. The 'scary men' are in place on the porch. Today we decided to try our hand with REAL sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos!!!

 We had a book with directions. We had the BFF/Cousin.

 There was great surprise and happiness to find this required 'playing' with the sugar.

 You mush and mash sugar, meringue powder, and a bit of water together.

 Then you push the mush in a mold.

 Teamwork is not a problem with these two.


Then we tried coloring the next batch orange...ended up more like apricot colored.

 Sugar was sticking to skin like enjoyed liking it off...the other not so much.

 The skulls are lined up and waiting to 'cure' so we can decorate them tomorrow.

Proud confectioners!
We still need to decorate our ofrenda, buy candy for the trick-or-treaters, and finish sewing the costumes. There's a week yet!!! No sweat (-;


  1. Those are awesome! I will have to get to it, but October is the busiest month for us with Halloween stuff and birthday stuff, I'm sure we could try and add a few more things.

  2. How fun! You guys are so creative and talented! I bet the costumes are going to look great! =)