Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Compliant Patient

I am NOT!!!! This keeping your arm elevated in a sling is just not conducive to my life style!!!! Now I'm not totally misbehaving...don't get me wrong. I've definitely followed the directive to not lift heavy items....like laundry baskets... and I've been most excellent at keeping the brace firmly velcro'd to my wrist. I'm SUPPOSED to keep flexing my fingers[ just not my wrist] so it seems perfectly logical to me that sewing scissors are actually a form of physical therapy...right?!?!? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it........

A Tinkerbelle twirl dress just lured me back into the salt mine! It's up on my Etsy site.

Pulled some Halloween and Dia de los Muertos fabrics from my shelves just to make sure I don't have any lapses in physical therapy in the next couple of days.......

Oh yeah, one more thing to say....THANKS LEAH!!!!! Your 'tweaking' of the picture of Mari from my vacation post has really given her a big push to learn how to use the Photoshop program! Maybe my readers won't have to endure my substandard photography forever. Her are the before and after that Leah did for us...

It's still one of my favorite pictures of Mari EVER!!


  1. beautiful pic of Mari. glad you are recovering. and I gotta have the tink dress. I see it is size 3-4. that is a good size for flower. I'll take it if it is still available. I will private email you in a minute.

  2. can't find your private email address. drop me an email when you get a chance, and I'll write back.

  3. Ok so i could have edited much better, just wanted you to get the idea of how a few quick things could improve a picture that you like. Adorable dress, why was I not suprised Gardenia was on that one, ha ha!
    I'm almost positive that you are doing physical therapy, plus you aren't paying for it so GREAT!
    Hey the pictures you took of the dress were really good so either you are improving or someone else took them.