Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

Been a very loooong week! The oppressive heat wave broke the same day that our 6 month old air conditioning condenser broke! At first I was considering the consequences of doing bodily harm to the HVAC guy when he announced that it was a "freaky leak in the aluminum coil NOT a leaking solder joint" and that Trane was sending a replacement coil....NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Now in retrospect I'm happy to have had these couple of cool nights with the screens in the windows. Usually "letting in fresh air" results in a wheezing Julia so we pretty much live in a tightly controlled HVAC home but even she was loving the 60 degree night breezes after so many weeks of unrelenting heat. I've forgotten the hypnotic hum of cicadas as you drift off to sleep...and wish I could forget the smells left each evening by the resident skunk population.

We squeezed in one last summer outing before school starts.....

Okay, so petting cats [Mari took these!] wasn't exactly the point of the outing....

Horses were!!!!

I soooo need a camera with a faster shutter and some practice with panning as I missed a BUNCH of shots of them heading in and out from the trail!!

I didn't ride this time because of my wrist so I strolled around and visited with the animals while they were out on the trail. Found this albino pony....

which just looked like he belonged in a fairy movie!
The back to school train is firmly on the track with new haircuts, supplies, and gym shoes. Julia's school has a 'tradition' of posting the class assignments on the doors to her school a couple of days before the start of school.

Here she is moving in to see the verdict....
Yeah, she got the teacher she was hoping for...but almost none of her new hoo. Being my easy going child she was over the disappointment before she even made it to the car with a proclamation of "Well I guess I'm about to make more new friends!"

Mari has been in to set up her locker and have a 'walk through' of her SEVENTH GRADE schedule.....just where does the time go????? She's been dying to get back to school since the 4th of July and is finding these last couple of days to be an eternity.

My wrist continues to heal and strengthen. Been cleared to wear the brace 'part-time', meaning I need to have it on for strenuous activity but may have it off the rest of the time....guess it's all the OT I've been doing in the sewing room (:

Have done a bunch of Etsy orders and am off to the post office tomorrow with EIGHT completed dresses!!! Found a way of getting a bit more flexibility in size for my jumpers....

By having the shoulder straps  go through buttonholes on the back of the bodice and tie in a bow I get a cute look as well as a way to adjust fit!!!

The HVAC guy came this evening and installed the new to bed to the hypnotic hum of a condenser fan....


  1. thanks for your comments on my post. it's a good feeling when you find connections with another. :) I'm glad you are healing. Love Julia's haircut, and what a positive spirit she has ( i.e.making new friends and shrugging it off that her friends aren't in the classroom with her). Mari is such a young woman, and you must be quite proud. yes, that pony looks like it could be in a fairy tale. we've not had the 60 degree temps at nite, but I'm sure ready for them.

  2. super cute with the bow in the back! hmmm I wonder who's idea trail riding was???? hope they all had a great time and weren't too sore. I cannot believe Mari is in 7rh grade, I mean to look at her yes she looks old enough but its hard to believe she's that old already. I love Julia's outlook what I cool girl she is. By the way pretty much if Maya's clothes dont' come with an adjustable waist all of her pants, shorts, skirts, and bathing suits are folded and sewn on the sides, she had just happend to find that one in a tote for next year but wanted to wear it, we have since found a Hello Kitty one at the second hand store for $2.99 plus the Hello kitty one I did with an iron on that is stillholding up, so the big bathing suit will be cool again next year.
    60's at night, we wish we are stuck inthe 50's unless its even cooler, we've not had much summer this year but I"m not complaining.

    Does Julia have the rearing Belgium breyer horse? is that one that didn't have a tail? We foudn yet another box of horses, not breyers but there was a tail in there, if it one of the ones she has I can send it to you and you can superglue it back on unless she's alredy made another tail out of the horsetail we sent.

  3. So glad your healing up! Looks like you had a great outing and I love that smile on Julia!