Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School Picture Gallery

So no shots of the pedicures...sorry. The night's sleep was less than optimal especially for Mari who would doze off and then wake up expecting it was morning and then come into our room to vent! She has been sooooooooooo looking forward to being back in school that the night just wasn't moving fast enough for her. I, on the other hand, was a WRECK from all the interruptions. I finally snapped at her and announced that the next time she woke up better be 7 AM because if it was any earlier she was being kept home from her first day for sleep deprivation!! A very good threat for someone who didn't want to miss the day for any reason!!

Julia is not usually keen to be headed back to school BUT the very positive experience in her new school last year coupled with the knowledge that she had gotten her choice of 4th grade teachers made her excited too!

Oh, and since she wore Elvis on the first day last year she figured he was responsible for her great year and therefore needed to be worn again!

Andrew....well not too excited....

but he went off without a fight. 

Now Alyssa is a tricky bit of photography! See there's this 'peer pressure' thing called .......

Alex which made her less than enthusiastic to pose for the 'traditional' 1st day of school pose....but she humored our favorite Auntie Peggy and did it anyhow!

Deirdre with the equally picture phobic Mairead!

And finally our Daniel...who's never one to stand still long enough for a picture!

Just had to show you the adorable little model in my Dia de los Muertos dress.......

Thanks for pictures Leah!


  1. your girls are darling -- Mari sure is maturing -- she is lovely and has beautiful hair and a lovely smile (with braces!). and Julia is a sweet heart as well. love the elvis dress. very cool, Momma. And now we can sail on out of summer and start making chili and watching bears games. and isn't maya beautiful in the gorgeous dress you made.

  2. First off...Love that Elvis shirt! It's awesome and I love that Julia's wearing it to her first day of school!

    Both girls look fabulous and ready to go! I always remember hating the first day but it seems like kids now a days love it?!

  3. See now Julia is still wearing some things that you make, so you are still partly cool! That Mari she looks so grown up might as well just send her onto college, she will be a scholar no doubt. Loving the Di de los Muertos dress for sure.

  4. Oh WOW is all I can say about Miss Mari!!! Sweet little Julia:) I sure miss you guys!! Promise the dust will settle and we can catch up soon or else I'll show up unannounced at your door when I run away alone LOL