Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bring on the parties!!

Can you say procrastinator???? I am the definition of that word....sort of...most of the time. Anyhow, in my usual fashion I have indeed finished the costumes in time for the weekend dances, parties, and trick-or-treats...JUST in time but in time.

Julia picked her's out weeks and weeks ago but was the last one finished. Santa's newest elf was suited up and ready for this week's dance class party!

This pose wasn't good enough for her and she insisted I let her repose in her choice of poses....

if you all could know how very much this IS JULIA!!! Sweet and funny and generous to a fault!!!!!

Then there is Alyssa......

who decided to break out a wig she has had since she was three. Not sure she will carry through and wear it to school tomorrow but she has her map and Boots!!!

This weekend I'll try to snag pictures of the other costumes. Let's just hope the wind and rain are gone for good!!!

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  1. oh just soo cute. both of them. and those costumes are sooooooo delightful!