Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Caught AGAIN!!

It is with sheepish embarrassment that I must admit that  October 26th was well underway before Auntie Peggy had to AGAIN remind Patrick and I of the significance of the date. Jeesh, it's really not a fact of not CARING!!! Those of you who know us as a couple know how much we love each other and in the Irish vernacular... "are well suited". It's just that we don't really 'celebrate' any holiday in a very big way so why do our anniversary any different?? I mean our Valentine's Day consist of a kiss at the most. Father's Day and Mother's Day might rate a 'special' dinner meaning we cook the honoree's favorite meal. Corny but most sincerely true is our feeling that we are each others best gift EVER.

So at Peggy's suggestion we had a 'special' anniversary dinner. In a very typical Mahoney fashion we ate out at what could best be described as our "comfort food" joint....Portillo's!!!!

For the girls' benefit we recreated the exchange of rings and then very practically ate them!!!

Some of our favorite family members joined us for the occasion.

We even showed the girls how old fogies do the traditional cake share picture.

Thus passed the 14th anniversary of our marriage. The 15th will probably look much the same and I'm fine with that.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!
    That's exactly the way we celebrate too!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We always go somewhere, (camping this year) but then its in July. Looks like a great time to me, we don't buy gifts for any holiday except for every once in awhile, definently low key here.

  3. Happy Anniversary ! that you are eachother's best gift is what marriage i8s supposed to be! you're livin' the ideal, girl! :) and wishing you many more.