Monday, October 25, 2010

Wedding Antics

Where does the time go?? 

This week that phrase holds more weight than usual! Not only does it refer to my obvious neglect of this blog but it also refers to the arrival of another wedding of the next generation in our family. In that never ending cycle of life, I went to the wedding of a cousin who's MOTHER'S wedding was the first one I was officially invited to as a guest back in the day!!!!!!! How different the emotions between the two filling me with giddy, excited anticipation and this one with just simple pleasure at the privileged to witness the joy and hope of a newly formed family.

Now the actual day's events are going to be coming in a future post. Peggy and I still need some time to merge our two sets of pictures! But this much I'm ready to share with my readers...if there are any left? Please sit back and enjoy this series of pictures I took to show just how the youngest guests felt at witnessing such a momentous event.

The flower girl was textbook perfect! I've been telling her mom that she needs to get into pageants as she has radar for the cameras in the room. Happy and confident and ready to perform her duties.

Pfew! Glad that's over so I can get to some serious snacking!

If I don't look at him I don't have to share...right?

Hmmm, I think there's someone trying to tell me something...

Forget it! She's not going to share but maybe if I flash my Grandma a cute look she'll find a treat deep in that purse of hers?

Oh please God hurry this along won't you????

 Hello Grandpa, can you take me out of here?

Alright, I'll stay if I have to but you can't make me look at that mushy stuff.

I can't stand this any more!

Glad that is over! A guy could die of thirst during a wedding you know?!??!

Hey, you! Lady with the camera. Did you notice how perfectly still I sat? Shhh, it's a secret but I heard there's going to be a party after this is all done.


  1. Thanks for starting my morning with a good chuckle! That was a super cute post! (and cute kids too!)

  2. yeah Weddings are pretty boring, thats why I was happy to have my grampy marry us and make it short!. I remember loving them in college, so romantic and all now I dread them, I just can't sit that long while somebody drones on and on, and basically says the same thing at each weddign you go to, luckily Joe and I are in the good age where pretty much everyone is now married, but I remember the 7 weddings in the summer, ahhhhhh craziness.
    I feel for Julia I wouldn't much like the city either, defiently need my space. Tell her to get good grades go to college so that she can get a good job and afford a place where she can have all the animals and fun stuff.

  3. how cute. a view of a wedding from children's eyes. you're right about that girlie. what a sweetheart.