Thursday, August 11, 2011


Parents are always complaining about how their children are such 'picky' eaters. I would NOT be one of those parents! So far this month my girls have eaten at Guatemalan, Ethiopian, and Japanese restaurants...and they don't order the Mac n' Cheese either! Today we closed up the lake house for the summer [sniff, sniff] and we marked the occasion with one last cook out.

Grilled rib eye steaks with Montreal Steak Rub crust.....yum!

Even BETTER with mushroom and onions drizzled with garlic flavored olive oil and seasoned with lemon pepper and baked in a foil packet!!!

Made perfect with Roasted Brussel Sprouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You read that correctly! Today my girls did not even blink when I set the tray of roasted sprouts on the table. They did ask what they were. They did ask what the white flecks were. [Parmesan cheese] They did ask if one ate them with butter and salt like cabbage. They DID just dive in and EAT them!!

I do not know just what I did differently or how I lucked out to have TWO epicurious daughters? I may have said once or twice that "I do not make or serve poison so open your mouth and eat!" I may have said more than once, "Tough luck, this is your choice take it or leave it!" I may have said more than a few times that "Dessert only comes when the dinner is eaten!" But I have friends who have said the same kind of things and their kids still only eat chicken nuggets or mac n' cheese!?!?!

Yes, I'm bragging! C'mon, my kids LOVED brussel sprouts!?!?!?


  1. I am the pickiest of picky eaters and my mom let me get away with it so now life is hard as an adult not liking anything. Actually it was hard as a kid becuase you go to someones house, I just didn't eat. I absolutley refused to let Maya be like this, there are no chicken nuggets unless I make and bread chicken. If we ever eat noodles out of a box, which she loves we call them "naughty noodles" they are yummy but not good for us. This girl will eat or try anything, just about and i love it, he life will be so much easier when it comes to food.

    Is Vanessa doing project santa this year? she doens't blog anymore and I normally send stuff to her in the next 2 months.

  2. That is so cool! I was never a picky eater and it irritates me sometimes that my kids (Isaiah) are. Their missing out!

    The steaks sound awesome and the brussels sprouts look yummy. To be honest though, I never have had one. One day I will.

    Wish we had a Guatemalan restaurant around here!