Sunday, August 14, 2011

Darn Little Buggies...

Summer vacation is going out with a whimper....

Mari is a day or two ahead of Julia with a virus that renders them achy in body and throat! Low grade fevers and mucous flowing like waterfalls have laid them low. The only positive thing I can say about this bug is that I'm glad it came early enough as to be cleared up before the first day of school!!!!

Mari has been a tad...shall we say moody of late. For a couple of days I was forbidden to take pictures and especially forbidden to post any pictures of her to either Facebook of the blog! Teens being teens means that the moods ebb as quickly as they peak and I was asked to PLEASE take some nice shots of she could change her profile picture on Facebook....HAH!!!!

Trying to figure out all the lighting quirks! Facing her into the sun to get her face out of the shadows gives me funky squinty I'm going to play with these in Photoshop and see if I can do anything with the shadows.

This would be the kind of picture that gets me into trouble with her these days! Just thought I'd give you a peek at just how my lady survives at the lake house. While we were out on the end of the dock trying to figure out the whole fishing thing....she rode up on the scooter and plunked down in a chair and pulled out her phone to catch up with the gossip!!!!

As usual the 'family' garden up at Auntie Peggy's has become...

Auntie Peggy's garden!!

Our saving grace it that she cannot eat it all by herself!!


  1. boy howdy she does look like she could be a bit moody, not that I blame her as a teenager who wants their pictures taken when they don't feel well, nto that that will stop me either.
    Isn't lighting a pain!!!! Just best to put them in the shade, or lighting behind them I like since I sometimes like a soft washed out picture. Really the problem is time of day, when the sun is high it is hard, when its halfway down you can light up her hair and such, highnoon, a big pain.

  2. Yummy Veggies!!!!
    I cant help you on the sun thing yet. Haven't figured out that one myself. I just try and take pics in total shade. I agree with Leah. Noon is not the time for pictures. I like the early evening.

    Love the pictures though. Facebook quality for sure! =)

  3. Poor pathetic girls. I hope they're on the mend. I'm glad she did agree to let you take some pics. I love seeing that beautiful face!