Saturday, August 6, 2011

Found time!

I love 'found time'! That is the time that was originally committed to some errand or appointment that suddenly gets given back to you by a cancellation. Last night I had 'found time' and I had a chance to turn it into a Mom & Me outing!!

Julia and her BFF/Cousin decided to extend their play date which became a sleepover at my house into a double header ...but this time at my sister's house. Friday is my day to check in on my Mom and bring her dinner. It is the way we try to help Uncle Peter, who is her primary care giver, from getting worn out. I restocked her fridge and picked up her prescriptions. Mari and I arrived with loaded arms and worked quickly to put it all away and get her dinner served up. We expected to stay and visit...but my Mom was engaged in a lively telephone conversation and she waved us off saying she was fine.

So we took advantage of the 'found time'!!!

Sorry for the quality of the picture but since I wasn't expecting the lovely evening out with Mari I did not have my camera...or my cell phone!?!? I had left it at home on the charger. So the dinner photos are courtesy of Mari's cell phone. Miso Seared Scallops and a Mango Margarita for Mom (-;

Sesame chicken and spring roll for the Me...aka Mari! She's a whiz with the chop sticks. Guess all the ethnic dining experiences are paying off as she asked what country was going to be our next Mom & Me date?!?

Then a funny thing happened on our way to the theatre!
Neither of us cared for a single offering!!!
So we decided to curl up on our own couch and watch a classic...

So who can name this movie???
Mari had NEVER seen it before and it made me feel a bit old.
Especially as she scanned over the DVD case and informed me that I was 3 years old when it was released! Funny how different it is to watch this movie that I can practically quote whole scenes from through the eyes of my 13 yo daughter who not only has never seen it but who did not even know who John Wayne was by name!! She kept calling him "that guy Grandpa likes to watch in McClintock"....sigh....sigh...feeling very, very old! 

Well we have one last week of vacation before we head back to school. Guess where we will be most of next week???
The lake of course!

Hoping for a campfire every night!!!

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  1. The food looked super yummy! Seared scallops is one of my FAVORITES!!!!
    Have a great week and roast lots of marshmallows!