Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dresses and Dances

Been a fairly normal week. Possibly the most profound words I can type these days! I went back to work. The girls went back to school. Routine looked a lot like....routine.

Besides the job, I also worked some more in the salt mine. The birth family food fund was completely drained with the extra holiday deliveries of food and gifts so I need to get the Etsy shop stocked!!

Have five more in various stages of completion (-:

The week ended with a new experience for us. Very happy to have 'survived' as I'm sure this experience will be an oft repeated one in the next few years!!!

It involved a group of teenaged girls crowded in a bedroom wall papered in Justin Bieber posters.

It involved a BUNCH of electric hair appliances trying to turn a 
certain Maya mane into a fancy hair do.

There was pizza and salads...and chocolate rice krispie treats to steel the nerves!

Because Friday night was the 8th grade dance!! 
When I look at this picture all I see are the
Homecoming and Proms racing our way 
on the high school horizon that is quickly coming our way.
This trial run went pretty darn well (-;


  1. Oh I LOVED the dances, I just love dancing! that looks like fun fun fun!

  2. love the dresses you made. love love the dress Mari is wearing, and she is an absolute beauty~! oh your momma's heart!