Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Salt Cure

Well another good sign of our journey back to life is that I felt enough energy to get back into the sewing room!!
[aka salt mine as named by the hubby]

Made this for a little friend heading off to Disney World this weekend. I am thinking of doing up another couple in the other princesses to put in my Etsy shop since the fund for the birth family's food basket deliveries was depleted at Christmas!! The only problem is finding a fair price. It did charge my batteries back some...I have Mardi Gras outfits swirling in my head that are begging to be made....maybe there is something to that 'salt cure' of old after all! (-:


  1. That is so adorable, perfect for Disney! love those ruffles in the back. Maya still wears her dresses, this time a year if you aren't inside she puts on leggings, of course they still aren't too short on her since she's pretty small herself. YOu are so talented! I'm glad you are back in the mine I love seeing what you come up with.