Friday, April 3, 2009

FFF- Beach

Okay, the powers that be have chosen "beach" as today's FFF so now I'm sure there is a conspiracy to drive me crazy!!! First the economy and then a little matter regarding the school(details to come later) have prevented us from our annual flight south for spring break. Every year since Mari came home we have celebrated Easter on Lido Beach in Sarasota, Florida but alas that tradition appears to be ending :( anyhow here are a minute sampling of our beach pictures for your viewing pleasure. Okay, technically not at the beach yet in this picture. Do you wonder how the weight psychosis becomes so ingrained when being raised with the anorexic brothers in this picture???? We were headed to Oak Street Beach and as the spoiled first daughter my mother just had to make me a yellow polka dot bikini ...yeah, that's where my love of sewing came from....can you imagine we rode the EL dressed like this???
The pure joy of running into the waves when first arriving at Lido beach!
The first time Julia went to the beach! She has loved it from moment one while Mari (who was three her first time) cried, wouldn't take off her sandals, and sat firmly in the middle of the blanket telling anyone who would listen, "La playa es feo!"
My all time FAVORITE photo of the girls!! Another one of our traditions is on our last night in Sarasota to go to St. Armand's Circle and get ice cream from Kilwins and go watch the sunset as we eat our cones. They decided to get up and go through the dunes to get closer to the water to see the sun go down and I managed to snap this at just the right moment.
This is Mari's second time to the beach. I was a little too busy trying to comfort her the first time to get any pictures:) By this time she would play in the sand but NO CHANCE she was going in that water!! That's why she's in her little a more experienced surf swimmer she wears her one-piece...guess why!
Just a close up of Julia's first that I couldn't figure out how to delete once I came across the one with Patrick.
Sigh....possibly our last time on Lido Beach for a long time. Taken this past December when the Robichaux's joined us on the beach. Little Arianna and Mari starting their castle!
What our beaches look like in the mid-west :)!!!
Then again, there is the indoor waterpark mecca in the Wisconsin Dells. Here Mari is celebrating with her 'brother' Benjamin on the occasion of their 10th birthdays. Babies Tatilu and Boris were together for two years in the Salgado's loving care and then within a couple of months were adopted to families living less than two hours apart!


  1. Wow! Those are awesome photos! I enjoyed every one of them. I am hoping to get to take my kids this summer to Orange Beach, but we will see! Are your brothers still thin!

  2. Don't worry we'll get you back down south before you know it!!