Sunday, April 19, 2009

With my back against a wall....

Literally and figuratively!!!!!!!!! So some of you know me well enough to know I'm a world class procrastinator but to those just getting to know me well....I think more clearly under pressure:) My brain runs at high speed and at all hours of the day and night and the only way to harness this is to pile on pressure from impending deadlines. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it. To this point, it was made very clear to me that yesterday marked the two week count down to Julia's First Communion and not a stitch has been put into her dress as of yet. REALLY, I promise that is PLENTY of time to get the fairly simple and UNGIRLY dress that Julia has settled on completed. There are those around me though, who don't do last minute well at all and if I'm to get any sleep in the next two weeks I better step up and give him something to see. Patrick still hasn't 'gotten' my ways after twelve going on thirteen years of marriage but being fair....I still don't get why he has to do everything EARLY?!?! So as crazy as it sounds I eased my way down into the salt mine and with the aid of a fiberboard backrest and firm pillows I seated my self at the sewing machine. First I tackled the veiling which is now firmly attached to the headpiece, comb and all! Just needs a good steaming to ease the wrinkles caused by the gathering process and a co-operative head. Julia is still hoping beyond hope that the dress code will miraculously change....after what, a couple of centuries??
Moved on to what we sewers call 'the muslin' which is a cotton mock up which we use to make alterations. It fit great so I actually cut the real live fabric!!! Sleeves are lined and just need to be sewn onto the bodice when it's ready.
The bodice is underway! At this point I figured there was enough progress to keep the Daddy happy for which I'm hoping my aching back recovers. Not likely, since my work has scheduled a bazillion schools in these last weeks of the school year and of course they are in the HIGH RISK communities. Tomorrow's school has 138 children who need exams....146 is my personal record in a single school day and that was on a day when my back felt just fine!! I've called the hygienists and warned them...............
P.S.- Mari willingly took the pork piquante y frijoles I made for dinner! Seems she can just about bite without shooting pain. Hopefully her next ortho appointment on July 2nd won't ruin the holiday barbecue!!!!!!


  1. I bet the dress is going to be beautiful!!! You are so talented!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product!! Tell Patrick to relax it's going to get done!! LOL!

  3. Oh no, you poor thing. Get your behind to the doctor girl. How do you know w/out xrays whether or not you have a ruptured disc??? Come on, remember, those of us in the medical field make the worst patients!!

    The outfit is going to be beautiful. It is already looking great and tell Patrick to suck an ice cube and CHILL..................!!!!