Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Man, oh man!

Well, Mari's little world is rockin'!!! At her old school, 100% of the teaching staff were women but the chances of her getting a woman at the new school was only 1/3! I had discussed this as a possibility so she wasn't totally stunned with the discovery this morning that her teacher was a Mr. but her post mortem did include the comment, "It's not bad to have a man it's just kind of weird for me." There's not a great deal to disclose as of yet but it's nice to be able to say simply, "Mari had a good day." She's amazed to find that they are studying the exact same phase of the Revolutionary War in Social Studies and pleased as punch to finally be getting a real live Spanish teacher! I'm sure her Spanish teacher is thinking I'm a crazy Mom because in our little pre-registration meeting I had told him that while she had spoken Spanish exclusively until her adoption at 3 years of age it was now gone due to a deliberate rejection on her part. Then today on her first day he had a 'competition' to see who could give the English translation of Spanish words he threw out and she tied for the most words!!! Incredible co-incidence but he picked several that we have incorporated into our daily life like basura but I'm sure he's thinking he's been played because one was the word siento. When she raised her hand and said 'sit' he followed up with "who is sitting"? She swears it was a 'random guess' but she did respond, "me or I"! Phew! I needed her to have that kind of first day!!!!! Oh, another factoid.....the ratio is 2/3 boys to 1/3 girls.....Mari and testosterone, hmmmmm. Guess you'll be seeing posts on that topic in the future.....


  1. Tell Patrick I'm going to have to send him a stiff drink to get through Mari's crush that is soon to come!! ROFL!
    So glad it was a great first day!! By the way I HATED the house! Well the inside at least!

  2. OH Rick is dreading those progesterone and testosterone days!!! There is just something about daddy and their girls!!!! He has already warned them that they HATE all boys, oh brother................