Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drumroll please!!!

Well your weekend blogger buddy is back! Not sure if it's the routine of being back to work and school or the invigorating feeling that fall brings but my mood is definitely on the up swing. Having a new "toy" probably doesn't hurt either.

So, in regards to my last post, it is a true verification of the adage "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks!" After calling the relative responsible for the acquisition of the new toy I discovered that I did indeed have the parts necessary to link up to my computer! Thus my Saturday morning [note ANOTHER rainy one in which I am spared by the girls' retirement from soccer!!!!!] was spent reading a manual that might as well be in a foreign language. Not that it would have been any clearer if I read Japanese [hint, hint]. I'm just no good at secrets!!! Besides I'm eager to let you all see what a gorgeous day we had yesterday. So here is the announcement........................

I bought a REAL camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not a cheap point and shoot mind you but a 'real' camera...

Now for the truly talented photographers out there who are now chuckling at my defining this Sony Cyber-shot as a REAL camera I'd just like to point out the analogy my BIL [who works for Sony] made to me. "When one starts racing cars they don't usually go straight to the Ferrari!" I've been assured that this camera model will 'grow with me' as I try to expand my photographic capabilities. For right now it's firmly set on the "Easy shot" setting but there is the option to go 'manual'....which I do not foresee ever happening in my lifetime but ......I can foresee trying out some of the 'custom' settings, especially the Advanced Sport Mode which allows for 2-10 shots per second!!! No more missed horse rides because my shutter wouldn't move as fast as a walking horse.

Soon, very soon I promise I will have up a post that shows the camera on the job for the first outing! In the meantime I have to go act as consultant on a 'persuasive travel brochure' for Barcelona, Spain and offer direction on the evolution of a vocabulary word from the original Greek... and there's a tribute to Albert Einstein which needs to be commenced...ah, gotta love the back-to-school frenzy! While you wait I'll just give you another tease.......


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It's a great camera!!! 9.1 is all you need. If I can help with anything please ask away. NOt that I know that much but We'll get you shooting in all the modes! Fun, fun, fun!

    Is that picture from your new camera?! It's beautiful!

  2. Yay!!! I splurged and got a dslr last year and it's been so much fun! You will love it! I've found some great classes in the continuing ed department at the local community colleges and online too. Have fun!!!

  3. Hey I might have gotten a "real" camera but I didn't go top of the line either, too expensive and I wouldn't know how to use it I figured, good lord still trying to figure it out.
    Yes the action mode will be awesome for that just focus and shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
    take the best one. congrats! you will Have Fun! you can always ask any of us anything and we will try and help you.