Sunday, September 26, 2010


Today the relationship went from tentative to committed!!! Yes ma'am I'm in love with my new camera. Clearly we are still on our honeymoon and as it is not my first time in this kind of a relationship I'm sure there will be rough patches ahead but for now I'm savoring the honeymoon!!!!

Took it on another weekend outing...

The therapy riding center where Alyssa volunteers was having a little fall fair fundraiser and the $5 pony rides were enough of a draw to bring us out into the fall chill. The fall colors are starting to emerge and Mari was quick to notice that one's leaves were the color of Julia's hoodie while the other was a little more dramatic in it's color selection like the more dramatic sister hmm???

Nice for quality horse time when it's your cousin who's the sidewalker.....

especially when it's a cousin who will run for you so that you can get a little trot/canter action!!!

Andrew was a volunteer in the flea market section and was on a real high knowing he was the most successful salesman! 

Auntie Peggy was CAMERA-LESS

but still offered up coaching lessons. Seems I need to break the habit I have gotten into [due to the miserable zoom on my old camera] of coming in close on a subject. The bazillion times zoom on this new camera will take some I practiced....

and practiced.....

[loooooove this one!!!]
and practiced!

 [gloating, bragging, cartwheeling over this shot!!!]
After another outing like today we just might have to give consideration to a menage a trois with Photoshop........


  1. I can see why you love the camera. What beautiful pictures! I love the one with "don't feed the horses your fingers!"

    Have a great week!

  2. Look at you going all crazy photo lady, addicting isn't it?
    Have to say feeling a little pain for that old white horse,that was a serious sway back.
    Great pictures and love that your kids are even more willing to pose, and whats with your sister with no camera, she must really be starting to trust your ability, great great photo's!!!!!