Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making More Memories!!!

Early in the original movie The Parent Trap there is a touching scene where Haley Mill's character gives an enthusiastic hug to her Grandfather while taking a rather exaggerated inhale. When asked what she was doing she replied, "Making a memory!" Obviously that scene resonates with me!! But as an adult I realize that it is a rare child that has the maturity to recognize the importance of making memories so for my daughters' sake I strive to do this for/and with them. 
With that preface as context for this post, part of my memory making campaign is to have TRADITIONS! Two weeks ago we received the brochure announcing the opening of one of my favorite places to make memories...the apple orchard (-: 

What better place to give my new camera it's first work out?!?!? What was even better was the fact that this year we had the opportunity to avoid the weekend crowds due to the fact that the girls only had a half of day of school on Friday. What I underestimated was the middle school power of peer pressure!!!!

Need I elaborate on the mood in the car after "forcing" a newly minted 7th grader to come straight home [thus missing out on the 'fun' time hanging out at the local McDonald's with her peers] and putting on a t-shirt that 'matched' her little sister to enhance the photo shoot potential?? Sigh...I very nearly caved and left her home...but there aren't many years left when I can "force" participation in TRADITIONS so I stood my ground. There's just something magical about pulling into the temporary grass field parking lot and opening the car door to the lovely aroma of cider donuts wafting out from the barn. So magical that it can scrub the sour mood of a hormonal twelve year old right away!!!
Peggy's shot
My shot

She jumped right up on the entry wall to help me inaugurate the new era of photo documentation! The child who automatically says before each pose "And you CANNOT use this on the blog or Facebook!" was suddenly charmed...

Peggy's shot

Okay, really lame lead in to a photo but the point is that no matter where Auntie Peggy [had to have the guarantee of shots from a proven photographer!] or I asked her to pose she more than willingly obliged.

Usually Julia is my amiable model but the allergy medicine failed us this day and she struggled to keep her eyes clear and focus on 'enjoying' the experience.

My shot

Peggy's shot
I guess having a Mom with a new toy asking her to pose amidst the flowers didn't help?

The day ran on a weird parallel...running from attraction to attraction excitedly checking out new additions...

My shot
while also role modeling Auntie Peggy who sees photo opportunities naturally...

a skill I am trying to develop. Not sure my impulsive, live in the moment personality will ever actually allow this skill to fully develop but I'm giving it the good old college try! Seeing as how this is my blog I must say I have a vested interest in putting myself and my children in the best light possibly so this next series of photos and their accompanying captions just might, maybe be seen a little differently by Auntie Peggy! Sibling rivalry is only tamed never extinguished after all....ain't that right LITTLE sister ???

So, here we go.....

 Peggy's shot

My version of the shot

Peggy's shot

My version of the shot
Peggy's shot

 My version...okay on this one she wins but I think I held my own today?!?

Peggy's girl on a wall.
My girl on a wall.

Her group shot.
My group shot...definitely feeling I won this one!!

 But then she had this as a comeback! [note Julia's suffering ):]

Peggy's still life.
My still life.

 This would be me being snotty...vestiges of sibling rivalry.

I would not want to leave you thinking that this was all about the new camera and photography 'competition'. It was really all about the memories...TRULY it was!
There's the big school bell that they love to ring so they can hear it's enormous clang reverberate across the fields.

 Of course there's the apples and the picking of said apples.

There's the laughs over the littlest picker trying to handle the ladders...

and the signs that sibling rivalry has started to be tamed...
for the adult sisters as well! [Mari's shot!!!]

There's the shopping....
and the free sample of new items like the ever so yummy pumpkin butter that found it's way into the shopping basket along with the tried and true corn salsa!

Memories, and laughs, and inside jokes.....
the 2010 installment all wrapped up and stored safely in our hearts and minds to be brought out again on some future night to wrap snugly around this clan of sisters and hug them together....FOREVER!


  1. it looks like fun with a little extra challenge added to the day. So at least you are being inspired, and look at those gorgeous girls you get to take pictures of.
    I can understand the torture you inflicked on the poor teenager, took all the extra coolness out of her day. Glad she ended up having fun.
    I actually like your version of the kids on the fence even though you can't see the bell, especially the one of Julia, but I do like her group shot better, yours is clearer and clean but I like the sunrays coming in on hers.

  2. I'm lovin' ALL the pictures! They are all crisp, clear and the colors really pop out! Great job!

  3. what a wonderful panoply of photos!!! and if you went this past sunday, I'm kicking myself for not going b/c we got an invitation to go with my siblings and their kids and we passed (too many other activities this weekend). I would've loved to have met you in person, and your sis and girls. that "wicked" photo with Mari in the witch hat is hilarious, especially given her expression. and the one of Mari and Julia should be a Christmas card.

  4. Looks like so much fun!!! Love the pics and all the great memories you guys obviously made! :-)