Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fin de Verano!

As if the date on the calendar was not signal enough that the summer holidays are officially ended, the weather decided to give us a reminder that fall is not far away! Temperatures dipped down to sweatshirt levels in the evenings this past weekend....and the apple orchard sent out their fall flyer announcing the beginning of the picking season....happy sigh....we LOVE AUTUMN!!!! Time to start planning the Halloween costumes (:

Meanwhile, I need to catch all you up on the past couple of days.

My niece Alyssa has unfailingly spent EVERY Saturday for the past 11 months volunteering at a therapy riding center! In knee deep snow and 100+ degrees she diligently pulled on her 'barn jeans' and 'barn boots' and headed out to saddle the horses and assist the riders as a 'side walker'. Her tales of the different horses and their personalities has Julia in impatient agony waiting for her 13th birthday when she will be allowed to join the ranks of the volunteers! Even though last Saturday we found Alyssa like this........

laid up on her bed with her foot under.....

a bag of frozen corn!!!!! Her sturdy leather boots on her tiny 85lb body were no match for a many hundreds of pounds of horse wearing a metal shoe.....

as proven by her battered and bruised little foot!!!!! On the plus side....no gym class for a week (:

Saturday was also the beginning of another important fall tradition.....

Auntie Peggy and her most loyal cheering partner dressed for the big game!!

Had to make sure the neighborhood knew what day it was too! 

Happy smile for the big win over Purdue!!!

As if a game of football wasn't enough to watch on Saturday.....

we squeezed in cousin Mairead's basketball game too!

While Mairead was in the thick of a close game the little girls were mesmerized.....

by the concessions stand!!

The rest of us got to watch Mairead and her team beat their opponent giving them an undefeated
season to date!!

Labor Day was a quiet day with Patrick off  LABORING! We did make it up to Auntie Peggy's for a semi-barbeque....

where baby brother Kelty had to sit on the back stoop and watch the wicked game of 4 square

that the kids dragged us into! But that's okay because we get our payback.....

by making them pose for 'cheesy' group pictures!!!

Now we really are back into the school year schedule! Spanish conjugation, literature review, geography, and speed subtraction testing all looming this week.....and to think I graduated from 8th grade more than THREE decades ago yet find myself again in the thick of homework!!!! Dance classes and religious education classes pile on this week as well.....bring it on!!!! Adios verano!!


  1. Welcome, Fall! love your round up oif the week. I swimply love Julia's hair style -- she's had it for a while I know, but don't know that I've ever commented. if my girlie's hair woud go that way, I'd consider keeping it that length.

  2. oh yes the bruises of animals, I still have bad looking veins on my legs from being kicked really hard, a couple broken toes, etc etc etc. No doubt we hit fall and 10 degree's below average it certainly feels like fall, that means Maya's birthday so she's excited! See now if I sewed I would also think Halloween costumes, but instead I look at the second hand store and craigslist.