Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mindful of the Magic in Mundane

 "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." > Thorton Wilder

Been busy living this past week. Yep, just living. Regular, everyday stuff that happens to regular families...that's all. Or should I say THAT'S ALL?!?!? 

It happens to all of us every now and again. A quiet little voice that reminds us on just how 'special' everyday life really is in the Big Picture. Sometimes that voice belongs to the littlest Mahoney when she isn't even speaking....

Can one ever be too old to find joy in playing....with/in a cardboard box???? We have finally decided to do a 'semi' remodel of the last un-updated bathroom in our circa 1956 brick ranch. Time and money not being in a surplus at the moment has us buying some stock items which come from Home Depot in rather large boxes. Julia was in absolute awe of their size. She giggled with delight at the thought that she could again fit into a box and .......play.....just play. I got the message! 

Properly reminded I will now show you two more events in the past week. Not even remotely equal in their "specialness" but in the current moment of enlightenment they are both examples of how the mundane, everyday routine....isn't.
The lesser of the two events is reeeeaaaalllly ...lesser. The setting...Thursday night's family dinner. The mundane take of the picture....just more spuds needing to be peeled for the crowd of hungry Irishmen and tweener cousins.

I've peeled about a bazillion potatoes in my life so far. This is the FIRST time I have ever come across potatoes of this shape....FOUR TIMES in the same 5 pound bag!!! I took the picture when I just thought it was 'weird'. Now, in the current moment of enlightenment, I see the magic in the miracles of Mother Nature which sculpted such special spuds and the blessing from God that I have such food and the family who  shares it with me!

The faaaaaaaar more important event has actually happened 14 other times. Potentially boring and mundane to have a 15th repeat???

Not when it's Alyssa's BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We celebrated with.....

a birthday dinner......

followed by a girls night out at the theater!! An absolutely marvelous production of  7 Brides for 7 Brothers which left us craving more musical theater....soon I'm thinking....real soon!!! [Mari was in a picture boycotting mood  by this point but did attend AND enjoyed the play immensely]

This boring, old, working Mom with her mundane life has been charged with spreading the reminder....

be conscious of your heart's treasures! Sometimes life sends you clues....you might want to check your lunchbox.....


  1. this is a very touching post. how true it is that all those little "mundanes" make up our lives, and in truth, are actually pretty fantastic events. thanks for the reminder,

  2. I love the mundane life, its perfect! and who doesn't love a giant cardboard box, they are amazingly big.