Monday, November 22, 2010

Whoa there!!!!

At the risk of burying my last post I do feel an overwhelming urge to make this post tonight!! If you had not noticed I'm a tad emotional over the events of this past weekend. It's not gotten any better now that Mari is home safe and sound and HAPPY! You see they came home bearing the following photos taken by the ship's photographer......

Here is my dear sister Peggy as she arrived on the ship with my baby.

Then my baby started to change...

and change....

and change some more...

and then WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck did this happen???? Who the blazes is that teenager in the picture with my sister??????????????????????????

I mean could a child be any more beautiful [okay I may be a tad partial but really!?!?]? So I'll leave you with this picture of my very soon to be teenager as I head off to load and load and load their pictures and try to collect myself......


  1. Beautiful is right!!! Love the dresses on Mari and Peggy! What a great vacation!!!!!

  2. She is stunning, and SMILING! I mean a REAL smile. I think most of us really really appreciate your posts so much, I know that Mari doens't want her life blogged about but it is a helpful insight for most of us who's kids are still so little and are not processing as much, I don't mean the ones that got home not as a baby, I know alot of them have so issue's to deal with as well but its on a whole different level then the hard age of being a teenager.

    I don't think anyone is ever ready for minus degree's, its just wrong, now they say -14. Boy hope you enjoyed 65 that sounds insanly hot right about now.

  3. No, a child could not be any more beautiful! you are blessed, not because she is beautiful (which she is) but because she is who she is, an emerging young woman. AND, you are blessed to have the sister you have! happy blessed thanksgiving!

  4. Beautiful indeed! What wonderful memories for her and you!