Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Birthdays...

Hi, it's Mari. I'd just like to share my vacation on here for you. Ok, so for every cousin that's around 13 my Aunt Peggy surprises them with a vacation somewhere cool for their 13th birthday. But you just don't know when and where. In my case, she surprised me with a cruise in the Bahamas. I was sitting doing homework when my mom said: "Come on, pictures!" She had my backpack and suitcase already packed and in the living room. I'm like: "What?" Then Auntie Peggy says: "Come on, you've got a plane to catch!" Well, I thought I was going to an orthodontist appointment but turns out I was missing school and going on vacation. Thank you Auntie Peggy!

In this picture I told them: "Am I being punk'd or something?"

I said goodbye to my cousin, sister, and Dad. Then me, Mom, Auntie Peggy and Alyssa drove to the airport. Yipee!

 Mom made me pose for this one.

 At the airport...I kind of felt like crying when I said good-bye to my Mom but I sucked it up so Auntie Peggy and Alyssa wouldn't think I was a cry-baby.

 Me reading the two magazines Auntie Peggy got me. 

 Were on the airplane now...notice I'm still reading. I really, really like to read!

  The next day, I'm in Florida. (That's where our boat "Monarch of the Seas" is docked) It's 13 stories high. WOW!

 I got a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup from the staff because it was close to my birthday.

 Me with a display of the wheel of the boat because Auntie Peggy thought it would be a good pose.

 The rooms were very small. At first, I felt claustrophobic, but then I got used to it.

 Me looking at ALL 13 floors!

 I made it up 30 feet out of 33 feet. But I got too scared. I could almost ring the bell!

 Our view of Nassau, Bahamas!

 I went snorkeling...kind of. I jumped in then came right back out because I panicked. I thought the propellers of the boat might hurt me! Meanwhile, Auntie Peggy was worried thinking that I got lost. Sorry! Turns out, I was just sitting on the boat...waiting for HER!

 Our feet!

Then we went para-sailing...

 Hold on tight, Auntie Peggy!

WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, Auntie Peggy thought this was a little much for her as she made us sit on the beach for a whole hour afterward! I loved being up in the sky!

It was very windy that day and my bangs were giving me problems sooo...

We fixed that problem.

 I got my hair braided.

 We had a great dinner. I tried Ox-Tail Soup. Which was good. And little did I know that Escargot was not fish, it was indeed snail. HA HA MOM AND AUNTIE PEGGY!

 The staff at Royal Caribbean was so nice and helpful. Look what our state-room guy did for us!

 Me and Auntie Peggy on the last night at sunset.

 They also had a midnight buffet too. Auntie Peggy called this: "Mari's Table" because I loooove bread. I ordered three or four pieces at every dinner. Soon, the waiters started giving me two at a time.

 There was a pig they set out too. I mean I love meat but not when it looks like this!!!

 Surprise, Surprise I'm on my phone again. But little did I know that since I was out of the country, it cost way more than usual. My Mom was sort of upset but she said she liked to hear from me so that Dad and her will pay the big bill.

There was a fruit table. Notice the carved watermelons? Cool right?!?!

 There was a huge Iguana on a branch of a tree. So of course, Auntie Peggy took a picture of it.

 Me on a beach in CoCo Cay. (a private island owned by Royal Caribbean)
Thank you, Auntie Peggy so much for such an awesome vacation! I will always remember it!!!


  1. Looks like the best 13th birthday present ever!!!

  2. That is soooo Awesome Mari! I wish we had a great tradition like that when I was growing up. I've never been on a cruise, but I would have lived at the bread table too!
    So gla dyou had such a wonderuful trip and 13th birthday

  3. Mari, you are an amazing writer like your mom! Looks like you had a great time...how lucky to be able to travel with your aunt like that. Happy 13th birthday!!!

  4. Mari, that was an excellent post. You gave such a great synopsis of your trip. thanks for sharing. you have an awesome Aunt, and a super mother!