Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to the mine!

So with our crazy summer winding down I decided to seek solace in my sewing room. Have a bunch of half finished projects to finish up and a bunch of fabric and ideas to get in the pipeline! This was last night's project.... a size 4/5 Halloween jumper which I'm offering here and on Facebook first. I'm asking $25 which(no pun intended) includes shipping. I also have a bunch of pictures to go through and select from for a fall harvest outfit that one of my loyal customers had her daughter model for my eBay venture. Hoping I get the discipline to get a bona fide eBay shop up and running along with my ETSY shop and the sewing blog which I reserved but never actually started. Well back to the first day of school preparations so I can 'earn' more sewing time tonight!


  1. oh I love it -- especially the owls and the creamy white background. and the witch is precious. a very childlike pattern. !