Monday, August 24, 2009

New Year, New Schools, Same Old Same Old!

Well this morning came much to the consternation of two little girls! This morning would be known as "The FIRST Day of School"!!!! Yesterday did not go well for my world class worrier who does not do anxiety well. Middle school loomed in her psyche like some child eating vortex and instead of verbalizing her anxiety we got stubborn denial coupled with emotional Mount Vesuvius! Julia just had mundane 'new kid' anxiety which was well balanced with giddy anticipation. They both swear that their night's sleep was limited but each time I checked in on them I found a lot of snoozing going on! Breakfast of a sort was consumed...just a pear for Julia who only has a half day so I didn't push too hard. Mari's storms of yesterday left a much calmer lady this morning and she managed to down her favorite chocolate chip waffles! Then it was out onto the porch for the TRADITIONAL photo shoot. Julia's shoot was a double duty as I plan to list this Stitch/Elvis ensemble as a custom order on eBay! New backpack for a new grade at a new school! Mari had insisted on leaving her backpack in her locker on walk through day so her lunch and miscellaneous supplies went in Julia's Guatemala 'horse' bag courtesy of Miss Vanessa. Do I not have the two CUTEST daughters ever!!!! Absolutely their birthplace as their only thing in common but I love their uniqueness! Much to the chagrin of the oh so cool 8th grader, I corralled our middle school gang for a photo! Alyssa is in 8th, Andrew in 7th, and Mari is the neophyte in 6th all in the SAME school!! God help the administration. So with the hormonal crowd safely tucked in the doors of the middle school we headed off to the elementary school. On the playground she was quickly taken under the wing of petite Kendall!! Kendall's big sister knows Mari from her brief time in 5th grade and was sweet enough to encourage her little sister to handle the introductions...which she did to the nines!!! My happy go lucky girl waiting in line for her new teacher to come out and escort them to the third grade classroom. Makes my Julia, you know of the 'petite' Mayan gene pool, look like a giant!! If I had not held my tiny preemie Julia when she was 6 weeks old I'd wonder if they had the right age for her?!?! Something to be said for a healthy lifestyle I guess! A sure sign of how old I this person even old enough to be a teacher????? Except for the fact that one of the Moms had already told me that she had been teaching at this school for THREE whole years now I'd have presumed she was a newly minted teacher! Based on the introductions I'm thrilled...she just might be the one that gets my reluctant student to change her opinion about the whole educational process. A Mom can dream....right? Update: SHE CAME OUT SKIPPING!!!! Told me a 100 times on the way home how much she LOVES her new school!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh pinch me.


  1. OMG that teacher is just gorgeous..My boys would love her!!! LOL

    your girls look very happy ..i wonder how happy they will look by mid march..hmmmm

    P.S my pity pissy party is better..see it was only 12 hr thing!! HA!

  2. That's awesome that she loved it!!! I used to have anxiety through my school years and I remember it all to well!

    The girls looked so beautiful and happy for their first day of school! Any yes...that teacher looks wayyyy young!

  3. So glad to hear Julia loved her new school. what an exciting age for Julia. and for Mari -- their outfits are beautiful.

  4. SO glad the girls are loving school!! SO far so good with Lee Jr. too!! LOVE the new outfit!!

  5. OMG that teacher looks younger than my oldest son!!!! So glad to hear things went well and the girls looked just radiant and so cute in their outfits! FUN times!!!!