Saturday, August 8, 2009

Drive by...

Just a quick post to say I'm still here! While snapping a few pics for eBay the other night I dropped my camera. Murphy's law was in full effect and it landed face down on the cement smashing the lens. Sigh. I have such a lovely relationship with cameras....NOT!! Now under the gun to find a replacement that fits in the budget before we take off to NC. In the kids say the darnedest things category: Since we found Mari's first family last year, Julia's jealousy has cycled on and off a few times a month. She has been very vocal on how UNFAIR we are by not searching for her first family. So a couple of months ago we got the ball rolling with the searcher who is just waiting for us to commit 100% by sending the final payment. As we sat in the bank's drive up I toss out the comment that it looked like we would have the money issues resolved this week and that we would soon be able to send the money to the searcher! From the back seat I hear a sigh and then Julia says, "Do you think I could get a new video game instead?" Ahhhh, the fickle nature of an 8 yo!!!


  1. LMBO OMG, soooo funny! Best wishes on your search. Hope the trip went well. So sorry to hear of the camera woes, truly is Murphy's law! I hate switching camera's and trying to get my old brain to refocus on learning all that new technology, LOL

  2. who knows, maybe she has already changed her mind back again by now. so what's a mom to do? good luck on deciding. my last camera "broke" when it went in the lake!