Monday, August 3, 2009

Food Finally!!

It's safe to say that our ancestors were a much hardier lot than us! One can only assume that the pioneers that first came to the Mid-west must have had an odd year of freakish temperatures such as we are experiencing currently. How didn't they all starve??? I guess I have to admit that the wild black raspberries, mulberries, and rhubarb have produced nicely this everlasting spring that we are having but the cold and rain are not helping with the veggies! Auntie Peggy has forwarded to us photographic evidence that our 'family garden' is only JUST bringing forth our first real 'harvest'...without the local Jewel grocery store this would have been one very emaciated family otherwise!!!! I guess our ancestors wouldn't have turned their noses up at the Bambi road kill? Green veggies....soon to be seen in our pita bread nestled alongside the gyros meat and sauce! Yummo!!!
Yellow veggies...this would be the second one-person serving of the wax beans she has harvested. Hoping to see enough for a certain family of FOUR someday???
Red veggies...cannot ever have enough of these! Unless you are Julia who has been cursed with a weird craving for them which when eaten are quickly followed by aphthous ulcers causing a week of discomfort...which my little foodie will often endure because she can't bear eliminating these from her diet!!
Not too shabby given the weather...though why my sister would feel the need to measure them I'm not sure? Thought that was only a guy thing?
So my southern friends, this is what we have from our garden so far...lame huh?!?! Bet you are already canning! Wonder if we'll have to import our pumpkins this year? At this rate they might not be ripe until Christmas! Oh yeah, I forgot! This is Chicago. We will have a foot of snow by then!!!!!


  1. YUMMMM i love me some summer foods!!!! Id never would have lived back in the OLD days..Thank God for the grocery!!! YIKES!

  2. I think those look totally awesome Susanne............ Besides I already ordered this blasted hot and humid heat to come warm up Chicago, LOL

  3. that is an excellent harvest, compared to mine at least. I'm here in the midwest too and actually am liking the cooler summer we've had thus far.

  4. ONly Peggy! LOL! Crops are doing fairly well here but honestly we're having the oposite problem!! TOO HOT and not enough water!! HUGS!