Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a weekend!

Camp schedules and summer vacations have resulted in a deficit of cousin play dates! It's so nice to have the girls all together because they play so well together which gives me lots of uninterrupted time! Dress up is still a big part of their play dates! The American Girl company has been the recipient of waaaaaay too many of my hard earned dollars over the years...but at least they still play with the dolls!
Of course Julia has a recurrent theme to her imagination play! I guess my little jockey is in need of some new silks.....
...and then there is my Diva! Every once in a while she throws me a curve. Today I find her 'playing' Guatemala!!! Oh how I wanted to make it into a learning moment but I bit my tongue and let her 'play'. Speaking of playing....
Halloween fun outfits!!
More subtle Dia del Muerte too! I'm having so much fun making these outfits for the funds to feed Mari's birth family that I'm beginning to feel like the kids...dread the back-to-school moment! I start back with the Health Department in September and while I like the mobile clinic and LOVE the pay it has been fun sewing all summer....


  1. toooo cute! Love the pictures of the girls.

  2. you are a talent!!! Your girls look like they are always having fun!

  3. Your girls definitely have great imaginations. and I love love those outfits. how wonderful to have had the extra time this summer to enjoy your creative outlet.

  4. You better sew quicker then! LOL! Can't leave all of us mommies hanging!! Chuckie Cheese outift was a HIT!!