Monday, December 28, 2009

Dashing through the holiday!

So after spending waaaaay too long trying to figure out a short cut way to upload the photos from my camera to both here and Shutterfly I must again embrace the fact that I will NEVER gain geekdom! In a quick fly by I'm giving you a hint of how our Christmas went down. Gingerbread houses decorated and displayed....check. Manger properly loaded and displayed.....check. Reindeer food made and dispersed....check. Family snuggle while watching traditional holiday movie before bed....check. Table set for Santa complete with treats and welcome/thank you notes....check! Santa arrives and leaves gift sack for the Missy Mayor(Spanish for 'older' for the English readers).....check. Santa arrives and leaves gift sack for the Lil' Cowgirl....check. Girls awake at respectable hour of 5:45 AM and after a hushed conference wisely wait until 7 AM to exit bedrooms and awake parents before diving into gift sacks..... Gift sacks and stash left in heap while family rushes to ready for church....check. Mom forgets to bring camera to church...check! So the rest of the day kind of tumbled down hill for us from that point. There are some pictures taken at the dinner that I cooked at Auntie Peggy's house (because hospitals don't close on holidays and she had to work) and because Uncle Peter was ankle deep in sewer water trying to rod out Grandma's main line on Christmas day, but they would be on her camera...not mine which was still forgotten at home. I'm sure there are even better pictures of all the cousins opening their gifts at Auntarie's, where we went for the dessert part of our progressive day, but they would be on the Aunties' cameras as I never went back home to get mine! All in all we made a great pitcher of lemonade from the pile of lemons that arrived this holiday season!! Hope to get those pictures from the second half of the day posted soon.....especially since the sledding outing from today yielded some cute shots that I'm eager to post!!!!


  1. I'm sorry your feeling so bad! I read your last post and to be honest I have never heard of the disease you have. I'll google it.

    Looks and sounds like you all had a great Christmas! I love the girls stylish stockings!

    On another note... have you ever tried to use Flicker to upload you pictures? Very easy. Once you get use to it you can do other things like frames and collages using that site.

  2. At least thru it all you got all the traditional things done, you know that way the kids can't say you didn't when they are in therapy one day, ha ha! I'm going backwards on reading posts so I see you have one before this. HOpe you are feeling better!

  3. wow. you did everything. I meant to remember the cookies and milk and reindeer carrots but forgot. I meant to sprinkle the reindeer dust on the snow but forgot. We never did do a gingerbread house, although I kept contemplating the idea all through advent. and the stockings are adorable -- no doubt handmade by their momma. who is Fred??? and I see Julia is a scooby fan. something I can look forward to in this house. but even tho I forgot so many things, we had a perfect Christmas, filled with so much joy. and it looks as though you did too at your house.

  4. oh my gosh girl, how do you get the welcome and thank you notes out for Santa, wowser, I'm impressed!!!!!!