Monday, December 28, 2009

How you know you've married a "keeper"!

Funny how some sayings get lost on this new generation! Guess their world of supermarkets and water parks has moved them too far from the origination of this expression!! So my dear girls I will explain!!!! When one goes fishing there are two types of 'catches'. Some fish are just too darn small and need more time in the water or are of an inedible variety...those you "toss" or unhook and release back into the water! The big, meaty ones that you are trying to catch are called "keepers"!! So when I say, "Your Dad is a keeper!" I mean that he is just the right kind of man that any woman (and especially this one!) would hope to marry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just one tiny example.... When he goes out in sub-freezing temperatures to start up the van so your little tooshies won't freeze and he brushes off all the accumulating snow so Mommy won't have stay out in the cold air too long!!!!!! He wasn't going to cousins game night tonight. He didn't have to go out in this weather. But he's the BEST kind of man and he LOVES us toooooooo much sometimes! Any man who can work a broom this effectively is a "KEEPER"!!!!!!


  1. yep, that's a keeper. I've got a keeper too. aren't we lucky!

  2. Where were you when I was a teen?? LOL!b Glad you found a keeper!!

  3. how blessed are we that find such amazing soul mates and partners. So precious.