Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho Happy Holiday's?

Missed me anyone? No need to seriously answer that question since I can't even assure you that I'm 'officially' back!!! I have some pictures from our Christmas celebrations....if celebrations is the term one could use...but Julia has assured me it was one of her best ever so it could have been as bad as I thought it was!!! Those pictures will come in later posts because I'm not exactly sure under which pile I might find my camera and my girls are entitled to a little 'free play' after the yeoman's work they did to help pull off our Christmas so I'm not making them clean to help me find the darn thing! Besides, I've made a sort of a deal to take Julia to the sledding hill in an hour so I don't have much computer time to download pictures!! The short recap of my holiday weekend would look very much like this: Seems that that little virus that we all decided to share decided to turn on my Meniere's Disease switch!!! Now as you know from past posts, this switch has been VERY touchy of late and I've been trying my best to stave off the vertigo attacks but the virus beat me hands down!!! After more than a day or two of feeling like I was thrown onto a seriously out of control tilt-o-whirl which would not turn off no matter the tried remedy AND spending waaaaay too much time hugging something other than my girls..(.because they wanted no where near me as that was happening!!) I did have an occasional remission that allowed gifts to be wrapped and visits to occur but I was pretty much the limp dish rag hanging off the end of every couch..or so I felt. Good news is the MRI shows no advance in my Compressed Loop Syndrome AND NO TUMORS!!! Bad news is it is just good old incurable, grit your teeth and deal with it, Meniere's disease. So I'll just keep on spinning along until it goes into remission at which time this crazy group of people will be back into their jam packed lives of work, school, sports, crafts.....well you get the idea!


  1. yyyyyyyyyyyyes ! missed you alot. hang in there. I look forward to seeing some pics.

  2. even though you feel awful you are still able to come up with some great photo's!

  3. Oh my gosh Suzanne, I am soooo sorry to hear of your illness. Glad to know it wasn't worse on the scan but how miserable you poor thing. I hadn't had alot of time to read blogs and so sorry I missed out. I sooooo hope and pray you are feeling better and the world has stopped spinning. Big hugs sister girlfriend. Rhonda