Sunday, December 6, 2009

These Are Our Daughters

The school pictures arrived home this past week and I was mulling over a post in which I showed off my daughters. Then I came across the post by Leslie over at and it so fit my sentiments that I felt I just had to copy! Thanks Leslie for the inspiration. Hope you enjoy the few other snaps I snuck in too.
These Are Our Daughters
Based on a poem by Jill Work THIS IS OUR DAUGHTER.

We adopted them,

but we will NOT be

referring to them as

"our adopted daughters."

They are simply "our daughters".


and the nieces of their aunts and uncles,

the granddaughters of their grandparents,

the cousins of their cousins,

and the sisters of any future children

we add to the family

by biology or adoption.


There is no "return policy"

on an adopted child.

The whole idea of adopting

is a lot like marriage.

You make a lifetime

commitment to a person

with no biological

relationship to you.

You promise to "love and cherish"

for "richer, for poorer,

for better, for worse,

in sickness and in health-

as long as we both shall live.


and we ARE their real parents.

They have birth parents

(sometimes called

biological parents),

but we are their Mom and Dad,

and always will be.


and we love them.

We know that you will too!


  1. I loved that post that Leslie did too. Yours is great, pictures and all I dont' knwo how you find the time. What wonderful pictures I love to see them so small and to see that they have grown up and changed so much yet still look so much as they did as little girls.

  2. I love it toooooo!!!! I love your pic!!

  3. beautiful. the poem is beautiful -- I had read it this morning on Leslie's sight and love to see it here on yours. The photos are beautiful. oh the first one, with Julia and her bright bow; the girls in their white tights all dressed up t osee Santa. the one with them in their grandma's arms (your mom and sister lok very much like you, or rather, you and your sis look like your momma)and the one of the two girls with Mickey, each one tells a story -- the one of Mary and little Julia on her lap ---oh my. the beginnings of their sisterhood. and now the girls -- looking so much older, and still so happy. they are beautiful. you are blessed and I know you know that. we all are blessed. thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  4. So beautiful! I loved all the pictures you posted and the school pictures are awesome. Such gorgeous girls!