Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Birthday #3!

Well I bet you're expecting this to be the post about Julia's oh so special 'friends' party that was held today? NOT!! Frankly I'm wiped and won't be consolidating those pictures until after I have some kind of nap BUT we need to take a moment to acknowledge that during an ice storm many, many, many, many...well you get the idea....years ago, Auntie Peggy decided to make her appearance in the world. Now, being that my parents were Irish Catholics and today being the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, you'd think she would have been named Mary? Nah, my parents didn't go for the feast day thing for any of their nine children! So little Margaret Ellen she was....except that NO ONE EVER called/calls her anything but Peggy!! Countless numbers of people have been quite taken aback upon hearing that she is actually Margaret and most have no knowledge that Peggy is an extremely common nickname for Margaret! So now, while most of you finish you holiday preparations, we are only just wrapping up our birthday season! Tomorrow night Julia and Peggy agreed to have a rare 'joint' family birthday celebration and only then will we tackle the Christmas holidays. Well, maybe their 'joint' family parties aren't so rare? Mostly they are Julia's family party that the birthday shy Auntie Peggy is brow beat into sharing. And again!! Note the familiar wooden booths in these shots and the one in Julia's birthday post? That would be your clue that Auntie Peggy is joining in on Julia's parties! Those wooden booths are located at our local Out Back restaurants which, for 5-6 years now(!!), Julia has selected as her birthday dinner choice...CANNOT ever get enough of their mac-n-cheese!! Do have a couple of pictures from one year in which it was just a celebration for Auntie Peggy...but Mari had 'an incident' and is either crying or pouting in all the shots and I'm too tired to take her tirade should I actually post them. So here are our December birthday girls! Hope you all had a most happy day on your birthday! Especially Auntie Peggy, who spent her's photographing a special event....THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! P.S. Your gifts are on their way!


  1. I love the pictures over time. seeing how they've grown. happy birthday Margaret Ellen!!! and many more. now, get crackin' on Christmas, girl!

  2. Great birthday dresses! So pretty!
    Now you can start Christmas shopping! I'm exhausted just typing that! lol

  3. Love those Dresses!!! Happy Bday