Friday, January 29, 2010

FFF- Favorite January Photo

This week's theme is your favorite photo taken in January. So many of my blogging friends have either cute/funny or artistic photos up but mine are none of the above. I'm also stretching the rules by posting two taken on the last days of December...January has been kind of a bust this year. Family game night at Auntie Peggy's with a rare picture of my Dad enjoying the interactions of his youngest grandchildren...even when it means he has to perch on a little step stool chair! These are the ones most featured on this blog because they are contemporaries of my girls but there are another crowd in their 20's! Big Mike who got married in October is the second oldest of all the grandchildren. Someday I'll get around to scanning the portrait we take every couple of years of all the grandchildren so you can see the whole gang. Stretching the rules again by posting a second one! This is how Julia spends her time waiting for the Mac 'n Cheese at Outback.


  1. yes, I think I recognize most of the girls in the first photo. they are the "regulars" in your blog. hope to see the others too someday! Julia puts her time to good use while she's waiting for her food. :)

  2. it is a bit harder when they are older and not quite as cooperative to have pictures taken. thanks for your support I really appreciate it. I think I finally have a handle on paypal but need to work on my etsy shop next, I tell you I am doing what I can.

  3. I love Games and i want to come over!!!

    Julia is a talented girl!