Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Stellar' Day!

As my OCD friends already know, there is comfort to be had in order. Today order gave me comfort. No fears of me ever becoming OCD...that would take a discipline and attention span I am completely lacking but I just may take the time a little more often to create order in my life! I had a plan for the day, I worked the plan, the plan worked and this gave me much more comfort in the Room Mother role!! As I warned you, I did not get very many pictures. One can only accomplish so much multi-tasking!! I signed into the school at 9:50am and signed out at 11:10 am....schedule accomplished!!!! One of the teacher's aides poked her head into the conference room just as Julia arrived to do her fingerprint which did give me a moment to snap a picture while it was in progress. Being a pushy broad, I asked the teacher for a group shot with the finished Galaxy 120 platter! The finished platter was handed off to the PTA liaison and I can now officially put two notches in my Room Mother belt!! Julia has assured me that both events were 'fun' and I gave her nothing to be embarrassed about so there may be hope yet for the Valentine's Day festivities and the year end picnic......and how ever more extra duties they throw my way. In closing, I was always taught that all good writers do themes threes times. So here's ICICLE THEME #3! The neighborhood kids are in awe of this monster and more than one has contemplated making a play for cracking it off. It's a good five feet long and probably 6 inches around at the top thus the lovely, grandmotherly woman who owns the home has turned down all the children's requests...she doesn't want them to either ruin her gutter OR get injured by the mega dagger. I'll keep an eye on it to see if it grows any in the next couple of days..for your viewing pleasure, of course.


  1. glad the room mother duties turned out well. as I said, I can't wait for my turn. I may regret that statement, but I'm eager now. that icile is humongous!

  2. poor kids probably eyeing that icicle, I can't believe nobody hasn't snuck over there and tried to get it. well we are having unseasonably warmer weather, go figure. Love the way the platter turned out that is just awesome, relaly so impressed and you did it all without embarassing your child, very important!