Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Short Long Weekend

While it may be called a 'long' weekend due to the Martin Luther King holiday from school tomorrow, it has flown by here in this house! Play dates and sleepovers meant for busy days and sleepless nights for the younger half of the family. The older half had work. Patrick's was outside of the house and mine was inside of the house. I had few problems with 'the little dizzies' and none with the BIG DIZZY!! I even had time to sew another Valentine's Day outfit for eBay and have another almost camera ready. I will post them as soon as they actually make it in front of a camera (: We even squeezed in some cousin cheer leading action! So this is basically a GIRL'S house. We don't really get into all the sports. We do play soccer, volleyball, and basketball and watch football and the Olympics but hockey just never grabbed us. So we show up to cheer on Andrew who's team is in the thick of a hockey tournament and see the group of whom is supposedly Andrew. Good thing they have their names on their jerseys or we would NEVER have been able to pick him out! We barely recognize him when he's up close!?!? Must say I was happy to see him wearing a mouth guard though (: He can skate like the wind and I must admit to being jealous of how easily he can turn on a dime and skate backwards. I think I was in my twenties before I finally got brave enough to swizzle backwards!! It just dawned on me at these games that Mari has only skated once and Julia never has skated?!?!? Guess it's kind of clear that I'm not a huge fan of cold weather activities. Besides showing Andrew 'mixing it up' on the boards, Auntie Peggy also caught the Mahoney women. We would be the red blob.... huddled up under the blanket. At least it is indoors so we didn't have to endure the outdoor elements but it's still an ICE rink after all!! Auntie Jenny posing proudly with her NFL hopeful. It was a quick picture because they had to head off to another ice rink a few suburbs over for the 'usual' scheduled practice. You'd think the hard fought wins would be 'practice' enough but noooooo, he had another hour or so of drills before he could take some well deserved Motrin and head to bed....only to be back up first thing in the A.M. for the championship game!!!!!!! GO CHIEFS!! Oh, by the way.... we had Mairead's last volleyball game of the season too! Life sure does get busy when they reach middle school!


  1. We LOVE hockey at our house. My girls have played for the last few years. My husband still plays on several mens leagues too!

    I know what you mean about middle school getting crazy with activities and running with kids sports, etc...

  2. We love hockey here too! I love watching it live!
    Sounds like your a busy bee with everything!

  3. this is why I am enjoying life with a young one, who just has dance once a week in which I do my running around that day anyway, life is quiet and I know that doens't last once they get older.

  4. great pics. love the last photo -- a real action shot. I grew up in a hockey household. my two brtoerhs played hockey and we all the time had kids from out of town teams staying at our house. love hockey.