Friday, December 24, 2010

Nollaig , Navidad, Nativity

Our local park district does a beautiful poinsettia display in the conservatory in the town's central park. We've made it our family's tradition to take a family picture there every Christmas season. 

Those are just a few I could find in my picture files from Christmas' past! This year the tradition streeeeeetched a bit. Thanks to Auntie Peggy. She pushed and prodded three unmotivated families out of their Bah Humbug funks and into the conservatory. Except that one of the families had scheduling conflicts with Auntie Peggy so I was deemed an adequate back up photographer. Guess which family I did??


 again, yep...

this is the group I got to photograph! 

Happy to say I can hold my own with Auntie Peggy these days! If I would only give myself the time to sit down with the manual and practice I could maybe even inch ahead??....nah, won't happen because everyone who knows me knows I'm not about to sit down and read a manual. But the upside is....Auntie Peggy was right! We are all happy to have made the effort since the final results turned out so nice.

So tonight I am taking a few minutes for myself. The reindeer food was made and distributed on the front snow bank. The notes thanking Santa were dutifully written and tucked alongside the plate of cookies and egg nog. The traditional family snuggle on the couch to watch a Christmas movie is over and two much too big for my liking girls are settled under their blankets awaiting their trip to the Land of Nod. Santa is yet to come but I'm sure he will be here shortly after I hit the 'publish post' button! But someone did come already....

May all our family and friends the world over have
a most blessed and happy Christmas! 
             Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh!         Feliz Navidad!                  


  1. beautiful Nativity. those christmas through the years pics are wonderful. it's nostalgic to look back, isn't it? Merry Christmas!

  2. Its fun to see how the girls have grown over the years. A BIG Thank you for the Hello Kitty bracelets. We got them in the mail Friday night. Very exciting! I haven't had any luck being able to read blogs or comment until today. Thank you!!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.