Friday, December 3, 2010

Things that stay on my nose and eyelashes...

All my blog friends are a twitter with talk of SNOW! Personally I only like the occasional dusting to enhance the mood. Shoveling it is about as low as one gets on my list. We've been warned it's coming to Chicagoland tonight. Oh joy....NOT! Just ask my friend Leah out in the west how much fun snow is, right Leah?? Then right on schedule I get my nudge from a higher power putting me back in my place.

The 'home place' got snow before Chicago!!!!!!! It is a lot colder too...

The hills of Kerry are not 40 shades of green at this moment in time!!

The lanes are empty...because there are no where near enough plows in Ireland and the manual transmission cars they are so in love with are having a tough time negotiation the inclines of ice!

Lesson learned....really I'm humbled enough. I've filled the gas tank on the snow blower and put the shovels inside the front door. Not exactly thrilled that the white stuff is on it's way but I'm accepting of the fact. [really what other choice do I have?? Hmm...wonder what airfares to Sarasota are running these days?]


  1. we're bracing for a big helping of the snow tonight. with a log on the fire as we decorate the mantle!

  2. Well what I do like aobut snow is its clean, not muddy or dirty, you can acutally walk inot the house and yes your floors might get wet but they will still be clean. We had a break form the snow, it warmed up tot he 30's and now its in the teens and twenty's so Maya is thrilled because now she can walk ontop of all the snow, I still fall thru. Shoveling, YUCK!.
    I just need snow until Christmas or even Jan 1st then I'm all done and spring can come!