Monday, December 13, 2010

'Unlimited, together we're unlimited..."

Yes indeed, three days later and we are still humming!! For those of you who are Wicked deprived, it is simply a fantastic show. Someday soon we hope it will be made into a movie so we can have instant gratification when we need an Elphaba fix!!  Julia was OVER THE MOON!!!! It exceeded her expectations by quite a bit. But I'm getting ahead of myself.....

Let's begin at the begeen...

We gathered at my house right after school on Friday to gussy up for the big birthday event. After a moment to snatch this picture, we hit the road. Rush hour traffic on a Friday meant we had over an hour of up close and personal car time together...if we were lucky.

After reaching downtown and securing a parking spot we hot footed it over to State Street...a Chicago holiday 'must do' to see the holiday windows in the big stores and get in the mood of the season under the twinkling lights.

Then we headed into another Chicago landmark in order to partake in another Chicago holiday "must do" event......except there was a rather elongated waiting period involved so we......

Checked out some holiday ornaments.....

Posed with some military men......

Got what will prove to be THE Christmas card shot for this year!

Tried to get in to see the jolly old man himself......

But after too many minutes in line with not a single inch of movement we abandoned that idea!!!

But then our pager went off and into the fabled Walnut Room at Marshall Fields' ...oh, er , um I mean Macy's...we went for the special Birthday Dinner under the Grand Tree!!!

Okay, so I'm limited. There is an impatient lady over my shoulder tapping her toe waiting for the taxi service to her dance class!!! More on our special night later!!


  1. What a great night and everyone is dressed so nice!
    Fantastic Christmas card photo!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening for you and your girls! You all looked so nice!

  3. wonderful. oh I do miss Marshall Fields !! that pic of your two lovelies is just awesome. what smiles. they are both so beautiful!

  4. oh and i love all the red and black. so neat to do that. and the first pic of all the ladies is wonderful too.