Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ladies who lunch???

One of the 'perks' of my 'real' job are the occasional looooong lunch breaks! You see, I work in the schools and depending on the total number of children scheduled it does happen, now and then, that I finish everyone in grades 1-8 before their scheduled lunch periods. The catch is I have to also do the AM AND PM Kindergarten. So on Tuesday I finished the 67 children in all the classes EXCEPT PM Kindergarten by 11am.........and PM Kindergarten did not arrive until 1pm!!!! Great 'found time' as I call it. Especially when I have a list of errands a mile long! Tuesday's long lunch was a perfect chance for me to run out and get a new cell phone. Not that I'm upgrading or anything as nice as's just that Mari, is an attempt to be helpful, put my last one on 'to charge' for me and shoved the charger plug into the wrong hole!!! Not only did it 'damage' the internal components not intended to be poked by the plug BUT in trying to undo her mistake she BROKE the plug off INSIDE the phone!!! The purchase went quickly and smoothly and while driving back to the school I noticed a JoAnn Fabrics Superstore!!!! Like cocaine to an addict I was drawn into the parking lot. Hey! I had another whole HOUR to kill before the kindergarten class was to have arrived!!! Well.........with Auntie Peggy's birthday being December 12th, which is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we have always had an affection for all things related to her. Then I am BLESSED with TWO Guatemalan daughters born in DECEMBER, one of whom is named Maria!!! So when I saw this bolt of fabric laying in the clearance bin my mind immediately starts churning with ideas on how I could use a colorful block print of La Senora. Going to be putting this up on eBay to see how it is received.Thinking if I was to do it again I'd put it with blues and reds instead of the blacks and yellows. The black and yellow polka dot materials just were the first things I came across in my stash last night and I wanted to get this done ASAP so as to give it time on eBay. Did a cute tied bow closure on the jumper. The straps are long and come over the shoulder and through loops and are then tied. While the length of the straps gives some flexibility to the lengths possible on the jumper. these ones are a tad too long. I'd make the next ones shorter and wider to give a more substantial 'bow'! As usual, any of my blog friends that might be interested in ordering one are welcome to leave me a comment. I'm asking $18 + shipping.


  1. I dont' know that we have a superstore but I love Joanne's and Micheals, I can spend alot of time in both of them. Did you get a traditional traje for your girls? maya has had a few (I tell you her head is big and just doens't always squeese thru some holes) if not you should ask to see if someone going down with Vanessa could pick them up, they are so cheap in December right around virgen de Guadelupe. I still kick myself for living down there and buying alot of things for Maya to keep but not a soccer jersey.

  2. beautiful! absolutely beautiful. I love Our Lady!

  3. Susan Can you get me one of these in a size 7 before I leave for Guatemala? I think it would be a great gift for Arianna's foster sister!! Let me know!