Sunday, November 22, 2009

Treading as hard as we can!

Been a while since my last post! Must admit I've been too busy/tired/'sick'/uninspired to get around to a new post. It just seems to be my modus operandi to post in fits and spurts of late. Hopefully this confession will jump start another spurt! Busy= Not handling the time management needed to be back in the work force nearly full time would be a more truthful way to describe my current state! Just seems that I'm always chasing after the next thing on my 'to do' list rather than striding confidently up to the tasks in a timely manner. This past week has been a blur of alarm clocks, blow drying wet heads, packing lunch boxes, finding matching socks, double checking back packs for required books, folders, water bottles, and healthy snacks and....then doing almost all of that again to get MYSELF out the door! Tired= Having precious little down time because in some sadly misguided sense of needing to CONTROL things I come home from work to dinner prep, homework assistance, elder care, and housework. Must admit that Auntie Peggy and Uncle Peter are shouldering the yeoman's share of care of my mother but I do have to find time to leave my house and get over to help bathe, feed, and lift from the floor. Psycho but I also feel that should I get a 'found' moment or two that the need to sew outfits for $$ guilt's me off the couch. There has been a steadily increasing push from a certain dearly beloved Auntie for me to recognize the potential workload reduction that could be had if I would only abolish the reign of the resident princesses...who are growing a tad narcissistic and demanding if I do say so myself!!! The ownership of a backbone would be a necessity to accomplish the feat of getting royalty to actually sully their hands...anyone know where I can get one? CHEAP!!! 'Sick'= A lot of my sense of always being two steps behind, of late, also has a lot to do with the fact that my vertigo is snowballing!!! What used to only be a rare inconvenience is now a multiple times per day occurrence. What used to take only a few minutes of laying down to pass is now persistent. So in all my free time (read HEAVY sarcasm here!!) I've had to squeeze in a visit to the doctor who has ordered some wonderful time saving tests and specialist's consults for me (HEAVY DUTY sarcasm there!!!). These tests and consults are to be scheduled right in the midst of the princesses birthdays!!!! Yep, that's right....BOTH Mari and Julia have birthdays early in December... and they both are opting for a party rather than the 'big' present option unlike last year when the Nintendo DS saved me from having to plan and carry out a fiesta. I cannot put the doctoring off anymore...even if I wanted to the dizziness and nausea are getting so intense that it is now affecting my ability to function...because one of Patrick's nieces who is near me in age and who ignored a pain in her side that she assumed to be gallbladder has just been diagnosed with an inflamed spleen.....because she has leukemia!!! So Patrick won't let me put off the doctoring for any reason. Uninspired= Pretty much says it as it pictures or opinions have made their way to the forefront of my brain. Assuming, of course, that what is twirling around up there can still be called brains!! I live in the hope that the mini-vacation provided by the Thanksgiving Holiday will reignite a new little spurt of posts!! Here's to optimism!


  1. I just dont know how you do it all, but boy do you. Even if you were feeling inspired to blog where would you find anymore time. Hope you Dr visit goes well, I have known a few people around here that had vertigo problems a couple of months ago, I hope they can fix you up, it sounds like you have alot more going on. So will the girls go for a double birthday or is that 2 fiesta's?

  2. Oh, Suzanne! I am sorry you are having so much going on right now and with 2 queen tweens, it sound more than anyone can handle. I wish I had the answers, but I dont. My 6 year old son drives me crazy. I would have to have 5 Rylees before I would get as stressed and 1 Wyatt can get me. My boy is completely ROTTEN and it is my fault. Everything is a battle with him. How does a person fix it?
    I am praying your DR visit is a breeze and all it will requires is a vacation away. Many Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family.

  3. Hang in there. holidays are tough especially when other factors get added in, like fatigue and sickness and deadlines at work. one day at a time, girl.