Monday, November 9, 2009

Lost in time!

One of the big downers about not being OCD is that the effort needed to meet deadlines means other things get lost by the wayside! I had a few little outfits ready and waiting for a nice sunny day to get pictures taken before listing them on eBay....Thanksgiving outfits...which it is now probably a little too late to seriously list! I'm debating if the chances of them getting bids is worth the listing fees. So in a first wave attempt to get these sold I'm going to put them out there for my blog and Facebook friends to see if any of you might be interested? A 2T Harvest time jumper for which I'm asking $14 + shipping. Fits up to a 23 inch chest and is 20 inches long from the shoulder to the hem. A girl's size 6 two piece Thanksgiving Turkeys set for which I'm asking $28 + shipping. The jeans are Arizona brand EUC adjustable waist to which I've added a turkey applique, back pockets covered in matching fabric and ric-rac, and a double ruffle at the hem. Close up of the turkey applique and ruffles! A 3T/4T a-line Thanksgiving feast jumper for which I'm asking $21 + shipping. There's a heart shaped applique of the whimsical 'first feast' print on the chest and a border of the same 'first feast' print set off by red bands. It is 21 inches long and fits 22-24 inch chest. Just add her favorite tee and head off to Grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner!! A 2T/3T two piece Thanksgiving Turkeys set for which I'm asking $22 + shipping. The pillowcase style top has an elastic band which allows for a range of chest sizes as well as an elastic waist band on the capri length pants. The capri pants also feature a double ruffle at the hemlines. If at all interested just leave a comment or shoot me an email at Muingapat at sbcglobal dot net. Now on to Christmas outfits!!


  1. omg sooo cute!!!! Abby had two Thanksgiving outfits that someone gave her as a gift so im set!!! BUT i do need another Christmas one..hmmm!

  2. dang, I so missed out on so much being such a busy month for us and already have the girls their Thanksgiving dresses but I'm sure I'd love a look at any Christmas ones, ????????