Friday, June 18, 2010

FFF ....

not sure the official 'theme' of this week's Favorite Foto Friday but this is my favorite picture of my past week!

Picture that perfectly captures my sunshine girl!!!


  1. yes, what a little cutie. love the shades and her smile of course. the FFF is hosted by Me Me and Monkey's blog. check my sidebar if you are interested.

  2. Awesome shot, dare I ask if you took it. I am not sure how you can mess up a pont and shoot camera, I mean i know its possible but i'm hoping you got it all back and this is a picture that you just took and all is well.
    On the dance, honestly spray on tanning for dance? I mean I know ballroom people do that. I think the plan is is if she wants to do that again int he fall we will do it, I love that she loves the stage, if she continues maybe it will help her with public speaking in school, but I am hoping she doens't want to go too far becase I don't knw if I can stomach it, although I love the watch the dancing part.