Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Cup Runeth Over

I suspect that many a Chicagoland family is struggling to get up and moving this morning! 

While we were not lucky enough to be in Philadelphia celebrating with the Blackhawks and their families, we did celebrate!

The fireworks went well into the night! The impromptu car parades with flags waving and car horns blaring made it hard for those who tried to get their little ones down to sleep.

Congratulations boys!!!!!!!!Feel free to keep us awake this time next year too.


  1. what a game! so competitive. the winning goal was kind of a bummer however, since it was sort of not noticed. even all those replays in slow motion -- you could really SEE the goal. anyway, too bad they weren't in Chgo at the time, but as one of the players said, we'll take it any way we can get it!

  2. i meant couldn't really see the goal

  3. We were celebrating here in MN too! My husband played high school and college hockey and is from the same hometown as Dustin "Buffy". In fact, he still plays on hockey leagues and plays in tournaments all over the country so he was really into this series! I have to say I am glad hockey is OVER for a little while so I can get back to watching my shows on TV again!!!

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  5. I had to redo my comment since Abbie helped me type the first one! lol

    Anyways...I instantly thought of you this morning when I had heard the news about Chicago winning! I bet that citys rockin!

  6. too funny I don't even know what they play!