Monday, June 21, 2010

Toy Story 3 Aftermath!

Horrible storms with huge winds have wrecked havoc with our power! Well, being truthful the Mahoney's have only had momentary power glitches BUT Auntie Peggy and the rest of our town have been blacked out since 4pm on Friday!!! 

The significance of this is what you ask?? Well BFF/Cousin Deirdre's huge, end of the year dance recital was this weekend!!!! Grandpa is home for his 'big' birthday celebration and the family picnic so he came out for the big event too!!!

3/4 of the way through the recital it ended with a bang!!! Literally, a bang of lightening accompanied by high winds knocked out not only the power but the generator as well!!! Dodging the bolts of lightening out to the parking lot was fun....not. Since the power is projected to be out until late Monday, the other nights of the dance recital were canceled! A perfect opportunity to grab the kids on Saturday night and head a couple of towns over [where there was power to be had] to see the much anticipated Toy Story 3-D!

Two thumbs up, 5 stars, but SEVEN Kleenex rating from this house!!! Mari and I were pure waterworks by the end...I even wore my 3-D glasses out to hide the ugly red rimmed eyes. Trying not to be a spoiler let's just say it was a tear jerker of a HAPPY ending.

Anyhow, as a result of the movie there was a renewed interest in pulling out some of their 'older' toys for a revisit. My girls have always been great imaginative players, especially Julia, so I've seen and heard quite a few wild story lines and intermingling of toy types in the day. Today was one of those days!!!

Only after Toy Story 3 would a motorcycle rider become a 'jockey' on an infamously fleet footed Clydesdale????

Maybe he'll ride over to ComEd and find someone to turn on Auntie Peggy's power before she loses her mind......


  1. ha. funny post. hope Peggy gets her power back soon. your dad and mom look great. happy birthday to him! and look at Deidre -- what a cute dancer!

  2. I tell you it has been one crazy bout of weather. We are just soggy here today but 85 on Saturday and I tornado in Montana, I mean its jsut nuts. Glad the horses are still getting a work out!

  3. I cant wait to see the movie too!
    Bummer about the black out!