Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This little piggy went to.....

PEDICURE!!!! Been a rough couple of weeks and the near future holds some stress and uncertainty so I decided that the girls and I could use a little pampering. Mari was all over the offer and even weedled the offer to include a manicure....Julia was another story.

Yes, she is my amiable child and went just to have the moment together since the whole pedicure process clearly gives her the willies!

I took a deep breath and declared that since it was a 'bonding moment' any color was fair game. Julia went with this lovely subtle shade of orange. Your favorite, right Diane?!?!?

Then she chilled while I got the whole hot rock massage and hot wax treatment. Mari was being Mari during this whole 'bonding' moment.....

There's always a book in those hands!! Then just to yank my chain Julia asked to get a flower on her big toe nails!!!

It turned out so cute and I'm so annoyed that the picture of the finished product is out of focus!!!

A bored Julia waiting for Mari's manicure to get finished.

Yes, Mari chose an equally subtle shade of pink for her fingernails and some how I missed getting a picture of her fluorescent yellow toes????

A self portrait!


  1. that's a real treat! love those colors they chose. where are the pics of you?

  2. What a great idea for some mom and daughter bonding time! I like the orange color actually! The little flower really finishes the look!

  3. too fun! I love that look of Julia's.
    thats the glory of having that nice tanned skin, all colors look good on you! I thought the massage sounded the best.