Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Meeeee Again!

Trying my darndest to catch the blog up to real time!! I'm almost there.

Been an exciting weekend even if the actual Memorial Day parade and picnic were canceled due to thunderstorms. The first bit of excitement can best be summarized by the appearance of these.......

popping up on every street corner in Chicagoland! Not intending to jinx...or brag but the Chicago Blackhawks are up 2 games to NONE over the Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals!!!!! The town will be pre-occupied on Wednesday night....pity the tourists as every TV in every bar and restaurant will be tuned into game 3!

Then the second exciting event???

POOL'S OPEN!!!!!! Yes, the warm sunny weekend [minus Monday's torrents] meant there were lines to get in.....

so we went after dinner when the crowds were decidedly reduced. Someday I'll give you guys the 411 on Mari's "issues"...nothing abnormal at all! Just a rough entry into the hormonal teen years but for now she's asked me to "refrain from taking her picture and posting her actions". Which I am honoring...except when she begs me to take a picture and put it on the blog...like the one from Irish Fest in the earlier post?!?!? Anyhow, she made the decision to attend but decided against suiting up...

a decision she regretted a nanosecond after arriving. Especially since their good friends met us at the pool....both wearing their suits and ready for water fun!  

We are looking forward to many more hours spent at the pool this summer!


  1. Your Mari is turning into a beautiful young woman. what a smile. we have a park district pool here and it opened the other day and 4,000 people showed up. no thanks. it's a huge attraction with a big wave pool, etc. etc. but I don't know how those lifeguards can keep track of all the swimmers. we've been watching the stanley cup finals and rooting for the blackhawks. they are awesome.

  2. Yay Blackhawks!!! I bet it's exciting there in Chicago!
    I agree with Gardenia. Mari is such a beautiful girl! She shoud stand in front of the camera all the time!

  3. thanks for filling me in on the menaing, very interesting here I think a mexican is basically just called a wetback which is so lovely as well. I understand Mari not wanting her life all disclosed when it comes to that sort of thing, but really I think most of us really did apperciate hearing about it, since most of us still have younger kids although still the hurt of the child and the parent child for me just awful. Even though I know its bound to happen I can't see my child as anything but perfect!