Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life's one big picnic!

Old dogs really don't learn new tricks! Here I am going a bunch of days without posting only to throw up a bunch of posts all at once again. Those who really know me are not the least bit surprised about this tendency. I have always worked better under pressure! More about the pressure later this week...now it's catch up time!!


Guess what you're looking at here?

A local church ran a shoe drive for Guatemala!! Mari came with me on Wednesday to join the youth group in sorting and packing the shoes. We got this far when the organizer finally came in to tell us that she had given me the wrong date!!! So we'll be back there again this Wednesday (:

Soccer season ended with a bang...literally! The last games were cut short due to thunderstorms. I am not even one tiny bit sad to announce that the girls have jointly decided to 'retire' from soccer and that I no longer need cheer from the cold and soggy sidelines!! Oh, except that Julia decided to join softball so next year's spring weather will be 'enjoyed' from the bleachers of the local ball fields ):

This weekend marked the beginning of our 'picnic' season. The Mahoney family picnic was the first one up on the schedule.

There were games....

and pinatas....


and new babies to meet!


As you can see, BFF/Cousins Deirdre and Mairead were in attendance. Deirdre is veeeery clear on the fact that she IS a Mahoney because she has been to as many Mahoney events as Julia!

Squirt guns have become a 'tradition' at picnics. Not sure how or why but I do believe that getting wet and dirty has something to do with the answer.

As the puddle indicates, God had his squirt gun in action too!! Remember from my St. Patrick's Day post that we Irish party no matter what!! Unlike Elphaba, Mahoney's don't melt when wet.

Mostly we did what Irishmen do best....


and ate.....

and talked some more!!!

As obvious by the lack of focus of most of these pictures, Auntie Peggy did not feel she was 'Mahoney enough' to skip a day of work to attend so the photography was left to the camera challenged!

Closing with a rare picture for sure!!! Four of the six sister-in-laws in the same shot! 

Love these ladies to pieces!!!! I am absolutely blessed with the best in-laws ever.


  1. that looks like so much fun! Maya had that butterfly pinata for her 2nd birthday.
    Wow thats alot of shoes I still ahve a box to go to Vanessa but I add things here and there, do you still just send her shoes as well? I"m sure I could come up with shoes alough I bet theya re heavy to send.

  2. look at your girls run!! how fun that you guys do the family picnic. our extended family is al out of state. we are the lone family that moved out here. so if there's a family picnic, we;re missing it! it's been so soggy. I'm ready for sun!

  3. What a great day you all had! You did a great job on all the pictures!